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Today Shinji Mikami, the man behind the Resident Evil series, announced that he is forming a new studio after he finishes he latest project for PlatinumGames and SEGA. The new studio, dubbed Tango, isn’t concerned with profits or investors, but rather the next generation of Japanese game makers.

According to Mikami: “One of the reasons I’m building a company is to raise the game makers of the future, people who haven’t gone pro yet. Game development is often overseen from a pure business perspective here, which is unique to Japan, and I have the impression that environment tends to prune away young talent. I really want to make Tango a company run from a creator’s perspective, one that expands upon new talent.”

So far Mikami hasn’t announced any projects for Tango to work on. He has stated that it might take “about three years” before Tango releases anything. Why such a long time? Mikami need to do some recruiting of young game makers. So far, Tango has 13 employees. Mikami hope that the number will increase to 100 over the next few years.

Personally I’m excited to hear about it. Call me a hippy or whatever, but I always like to see games developed by people who don’t have profit on the forefronts of their minds. I mean, money is always going to be a factor in game development, I just happen to like there to be a little soul in a development house. What do you guys think? Is Tango going to show us something never seen before from a Japanese developer?


  1. I predict that, like the creator of Devil May Cry switching over and making Bayonetta, we’ll see a game very similar to RE. That said, I don’t think it’ll work nearly as well here as with DMC and Bayonetta.

  2. It’s nice to see someone in that gaming environment pick up on some more western tendencies (eg: Naughty Dog and Valve). Hopefully this goes well! I’ll be interested in seeing what they produce if it ever gets localized for the states.

  3. He has the right mindset its just if he backs it up in the future or not. I would love to see new creative games and not just a smash hit come out and the next 5 years we have watered down versions of it.

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