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It’s that time of week again listeners!  Shawn, Josh, Paul, and myself are prepping for another live show Monday, March 22, at 7pm EST, and we want you there to participate!  A lot of interesting things have been happening around the site, and the industry, so we have a great show planned for you this week!

Basketball isn’t the only venue with March Madness.  This year’s March release schedule was INSANE and the dust is settling – and our wallets are whimpering. Hit the more button for our fantastic topics this week!

For those of you that missed out last week (or more) you can catch up here!

We posted our God of War III review (written by the powerful Shawn Evans) several days ago, and the game has been rocking the senses of the Gamer Limit staff since that mythical Tuesday. I don’t know how Shawn got blood on his controller – but we don’t ask questions when he gets mad. Expect us to discuss the game heavily. No worries, not all of us have beaten it; we will do our best to stay spoiler free.

The hot debate around Final Fantasy XIII has left scorch marks all over the walls, but we still keep throwing fuel into the fire. James Pinnell’s review went up, and Josh picked the game up in a moment of weakness. You can expect us to talk about James’ review and Josh’s take on the game, and the rest of the crew’s as they delve further into cocoon and pulse. Rest assured, we all hate Vanille’s guts. For realz.

Kevin posted an interesting read on the Playstation Move, and its dedication to precision. We were pretty cynical last week about any new motion controller’s success, but Kevin’s viewpoint hits a different mark with his focus on sales and industry success.  I recommend a look at the article, but mind the fanboys!

The Splinter Cell: Conviction demo was released last Thursday, and honestly, I’ve had bowel movements with more character. Perhaps the other members of the Limitcast feel differently.

There will be tons more to talk about, so tune in at 7pm EST Monday, March 22!

Leave any and all comments below!  Let us know what you think about the topics at hand, and any potential topics you feel we should be talking about! As always, you can hit us up in iTunes (link below), and make sure you leave your comments so we can continue our global domination efforts. Down with Rush Limbaugh!

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  1. In regards to GoW 3, I have been hearing a lot of talk about Kratos. Rarely in games do people hate the protagonist. Did any of you feel this way? Was it a disservice to the final chapter of the trilogy?

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