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Good day listeners!  The limitcast is back in action this week, and boy do we have  a show lined up for you!

That is, if we can tear ourselves away from Pokemon.

Our live show will be here, starting at 7pm EST Sunday, March 28th.  Save the date!

Click the jump to see the potential topics.

So, Nintendo decided to throw a 3D curve-ball at everybody a few days before the release of DS-zilla.  Are those you planning on buying the XL going to buy the 3D as well?  What about you stoic DS Lite holders, going to give in and downgrade upgrade?I know that I’m going to stick with my DSi, and pray that the Nintendo Shop gets Gameboy Advance games. Give me Shining Soul II!

Yes, we are still playing Pokemon, and we are LOVING it.  I’m loving it so much that I’ve decided to post my epic team. Enjoy.

1. Croconaw

2. Paras

3. Magnemite

4. Sandshrew

Tremble at the might listed above.

Gamer Limit is covering PAX East this weekend, and we will be talking about the announcements and coverage extensively.

Remember, we will be doing the show live at 7pm EST on Sunday, March 28th.  Be there if you want in on the action.

And, make sure you consummate this post by leaving comments!

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