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Well folks, the video game landscape has changed significantly since our last chat. Final Fantasy XIII’s release has shaken us here at Gamer Limit, and we have been debating its place in Final Fantasy history with a little bloodshed as possible (mind the puddles).

Josh, Chase, Shawn, and Paul can’t wait for you to join us live at 7pm EST tonight as we debate this hot topic, and more on the Limitcast!

A couple of other things have been happening around the industry as well. The Playstation Move and Onlive were both unveiled at GDC this week, and their presence is sparking a lot of conversation. Also, a giant hamster ball made an appearance too. Do we really need all of this?

We will also be talking about the upcoming release of God of War III. We know Shawn’s machismo can’t wait to press X over and over, What about you guys?

These topics will give us tons to talk about so make sure you tune into the live show at 7pm EST tonight, leave your comments below, and catch us later when we post its recording on Tuesday, the 17th!

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  1. This podcast will probably only have the opinions of two people who don’t like XIII as much (Chase and Shawn); as opposed to a handful of other people who do like it!

    Don’t baselessly bash it too much if you haven’t made it past the 15 hour mark!

  2. James should be joining us – so he should balance it out.

  3. Oh Chris. Just because I’ve had lots of fun pointing out all the flaws of FF13 doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. I won’t continue to play a 60 hour game if I don’t like it.

  4. Sorry I missed it guys – was without power until now.

  5. avatar Juliana

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