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Good evening my delicious listeners. The Limitcast has been experiencing technical difficulties these past few weeks, but we will be recording another fantastic live show this Sunday at 6pm CST.

The Limitcast show is about to begin – join us at the following URL:

Ok, I lied. But look…topics!

Over the last few days, Activision and Infinity Ward have decided to have a pissing contest. While more details have emerged since then, the actual events are still a bit hazy. To demonstrate the feelings of the gaming industry once this was announced, I have included a supplemental video.  Enjoy.

It’s a guarantee that we will be discussing this topic at length.

The limitcast has also been playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and we will have a multitude of stories to tell on my awesome exploits and Shawn’s ultimate failure as a FPS gamer. Josh and I have also been playing Darkfall in an effort to find somewhere to build a house together and live happier ever after. Paul was sent another game from the bottom of his gameswap list. We don’t know what it is yet, but I can guarantee his disdain will generate a healthy belly laugh.

So, make sure you join us this Sunday at 6pm CST here to join in on the conversation!  If you can’t make it, leave your comments below. The Activision v. Infinity Ward case is a big deal, and we want to know what you guys think about it. And, make sure you tell us what you are playing!  We could be missing something in this fantastic first quarter.

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