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This week, special guest James Pinnell takes a break from his usual schedule of excessive drinking and general badassary to join us for an in-depth discussion on Final Fantasy XIII.We do our best to weigh the pros and cons, while also trying to make sense of claims regarding the title’s linearity.

Later in the show we get pessimistic about the validity of On-Live, and Sony’s Playstation Move.

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  1. sorry havent been commenting lately, every time i listen to your podcast i get this uncontrolable rage to yell in anger at some of the discussions! lol

    Im sorry but im i totally agree with Chase, wow that hard to say but 99 % of the time he’s actually right! lol

    • xiongwarriorzz,

      Thanks so much for commenting. Yeah, it’s true that I am infallible.

      Why do you yell in anger? Hopefully it is because our discussions are so awesome it makes you angry at the rest of the world – for being so stupid.

    • hehe im not quite sure. its a mix of alot of things really, some bad response that dont make sense at times. Maybe its cuz me and Chase has the same type of mind and logic? Great minds think alike! FF13 is waaaaay too “new gamer” friendly, having to play through 10-15 hours for the game to open the battle system is too long. Characters are not good, VO is average to below. Its like i alway tell my buddies, it feels like ive grew up past FF games and i can see there gimmicks more severe then when i was still a young gamer, sure its pretty but man some of those characters annoy me… and yes you need good charaters to tell a good story!

      keep it up fellas! CHASE FTW!

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