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Join Chase Cook, Shawn Evans, Paul Clark and myself as we take an in-depth look at the heated legal battle between Activision and Infinity Ward during yet another live edition of the Limitcast.

Later in the show we discuss the minutia of Bad Company 2, including class balance and changes we hope to see in upcoming patches or DLC.

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Careful listeners may notice a bit of improvement in audio quality – I’ve modified some of my editing processes, which resulted in a much cleaning finished product.

As always, leave your comments below, hit us up on iTunes, and be sure to join us for our next live show!

  1. avatar Vera

    I have a few ideas 4 mirrors edge 2 that were never apicerpated it should be an open world game where you create your runner,play co-op with your friends and and race for the best time in and add ticks like flips and a fighting arena where you can fight various players that are online or NPC’s and add the skeletal structure like when you? get shot in your leg you can’t run or add rival factions or add like a black market where you can buy weapons that you use against the SWAT or the other faction

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