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The Limitcast returns this week with yet another live episode, and this time (unfortunately) the show is completely free of user submitted pornography. Worry not though, brave listeners, as Chase Cook, Paul Clark, Shawn Evans and myself worked diligently to provide you with enough riveting content to more than account for its absence.

This week we discuss Bioshock 2, Alien vs Predator, the Ubisoft DRM fiasco, and perhaps most notably, Shawn’s Master Blaster fueled nerd rage.

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As always, leave your comments below, hit us up on iTunes, and be sure to tune in on Sunday, March 7th at 6:00PM CST for the our next live show!

  1. No cats were harmed in the recording of this podcast.

  2. I remember listening to this live… oh, whenever it was recorded. :P

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    Hey Eric. Thanks for including my PSD templates. :)

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