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Over the weekend word got out that the upcoming DLC for Left 4 Dead 2, dubbed ‘The Passing,’ will not make its original release date of “late March.”

While this is disappointing news, gamers will be pleased to know that the DLC will only cost 560 Microsoft Points ($7) on the Xbox 360. Not a bad price considering the content the expansion adds: a golf club for melee, an M60 machine gun, multiple new game modes, a new ‘Fallen Survivor’ special infected and a ‘Witch Bride.’

As of right now there has been no mention as to whether or not PC gamers will have to pay for this new content. The original Left 4 Dead had the Crash Course DLC pack, which was free for PC gamers but cost Xbox owners 560 Microsoft Points. Hopefully Valve will take the same route with The Passing.

For those of you who don’t know, The Passing sees Coach and crew meeting up with the cast from the original L4D, well some of them. Valve has recently stated that only three of the survivors from L4D make it into the DLC, implying that Bill, Zoey, Francis, or Louis died in the events after L4D. Valve has said in the past that “a month or so” after The Passing hits, they will release another batch of DLC for L4D showing how the four survivors made it to the South.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m extremely distraught over losing one of the original cast members. Valve has done such a fantastic job of giving each character their own personality that I really don’t think I can bear to lose one of them. Am I strange for growing attached to these characters? Also, who do you guys think is going to bite the big one? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


  1. Here’s hoping it was Zoey that died.

  2. avatar chainsaw

    zoey, cant hzve 2 women at one time

  3. avatar brad

    im thinking bill or francis

  4. avatar Nick

    its definitly francis because they still need an older guy a black guy and a girl in the game

  5. avatar resse

    i hope louis dosent die…. if he did he probobly overdosed on peelz

  6. avatar TrunksX

    they never say one dies maybe one is gaurding the came

  7. avatar hi

    louis will die probably

  8. avatar hypershadowdye

    I think it might be ether Bill or Louis that die

  9. avatar Anonymous

    I’m guessing Bill because it would be the least devastating and as a veteran he is most likely to give his life to save one of the others. Although I would choose to kill off all of the new survivors before I would choose to kill off even one of the original. Sadly, that would not work given when this campaign takes place.

    • avatar hypershadowdye

      i wish the DLC would allow you to play as the original survivors instead of the new servivors

  10. avatar jj

    bill will die

  11. avatar Peelz here

    Its bill tht dies its been anounced and realesed sad to see him go

  12. avatar Gale

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