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What happens when you mix one part Gears of War, two parts Team Fortress 2, and one part Left 4 Dead together with a sprinkling of Wild West? Why, Lead & Gold, of course. Fatshark’s flagship product is now available for pre-order discount for PC users, though console players will have to wait a bit longer. In addition, if you pre-order now, you’ll get beta access to the game!

Lead & Gold is a unique third person shooter set in the Wild West, with four classes to choose from, all bringing unique benefits to the team. The Blaster, The Deputy, The Gunslinger, and The Trapper all work together so you have a demolitions expert, a scout, a bread and butter shooter, and a sniper, practically guaranteeing you won’t get tired of any style of play.

The pre-order discount for the game is 10%, dropping the already low price of $15 down to $13.49. In addition to getting access to the beta, you can get a leg up on the 79 achievements included with the game, and have some fun while you’re at it.

Lead & Gold is a primarily multi-player game, but it does feature a few co-op missions for you to engage in with a friend. At launch, it will have five multiplayer maps with four different game modes, making the $15 price tag a steal.

  1. avatar Chris Newman

    just downloaded this and cannot stop playing, except of course to type this

  2. Hmmmmm… I need this. But my wallet is telling me to wait until after I pay my bills.

    Silly wallet.

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