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As an avid Ocean’s Eleven and Mass Effect 2 fan, I can safely say that I’m pretty excited for Mass Effect 2′s first premium add-on, “Kasumi: Stolen Memory”. Priced at $7 (560 MSP), this pack will net you an extra character, and a mission that’ll last around an hour.

Obviously¬†you can get why ME2 fans would be stoked, but why would this DLC make Danny Ocean salivate? Kasumi, an inter-stellar thief, is looking for a pretty rare item, hidden in an eccentric trinket collector’s mansion. Your mission is to pose as a guest, locate the vault, and steal the contents. Interested? Hit the jump for a random video featuring some of Kasumi’s dialogue, straight off her sweet sweet Queen Amadala lips.

If you’re excited for Kasumi, also don’t forget the free Firewalker DLC that’s releasing simultaneously!

  1. I haven’t played ME2 (and barely scratched the surface of the first game), but this DLC sounds pretty awesome.

  2. I’m so deep into FF13 at this point, I’m not sure I want to stop to jump back into ME2 at this time. I might have to wait a while before I try this DLC out.

  3. avatar Adam M.

    Only an hour of gameplay, sounds a tad bit little for $7, but since it’s Bioware and Mass Effect 2, my money is in it.

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