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The fine fellows at have created a pretty neat walkthrough video of Microsoft’s new game service “Game Room” that went live today, which features a smörgåsbord of retro (and I mean RETRO) titles such as Centipede and Asteroids for $3 a pop.

I don’t know how you feel, but this is what I think Playstation Home should have been. Just a very simple room for playing games: not “chilling in the dance veranda”, “waiting in line to play a boring bowling match” or “watching movies in a fake movie theater”. Just straight old-school gaming with a friend – feel free to go download it now!Source: Joystiq

  1. It’s like a home away from… Home. Yeah, I went there. :P

  2. Achievements, you say!? I’m there. Anyone know if there are there achievements in each game or is it just for the service?

    As for Home… it needs some improvements, but I’ve enjoyed some of the stuff in there. Sodium is fun and the Xi thing was interesting. Hopefully it will evolve and learn from this new service a bit.

  3. avatar Arttemis

    I was initially excited when I downloaded the 2 gamepacks featuring 30 games for free… and then I found out that you had to pay $3 EACH to play them beyond a demo run. All of these games are available for free in flash/java applets across the internet. I have literally NO desire to pay for them to be placed inside a digital arcade setting.

    That said, this is still better than Home.

  4. I wanted so badly to like Game Room, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve gotten the controls down for this thing. A lot of the good old games in this package just don’t control right, and many of the in-game functions require some awkward finger placements. I had this problem with Asteroids most of all.

  5. I think I’ll stick with Home rather than pay the $3 for an old, old game…

    Free crap is better than $3 crap.

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