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Gamespot, after many years of wrangling with IGN has finally taken a lengthy lead in traffic rankings. Gamespot has now held onto the number 1 Alexa (non-poker) gaming site traffic position for a solid month.

Could this be a sign of quality returning to Gamespot, or just a blackhole of a site consuming everything in its path?

I know there is a lot of hate toward traffic counters like Alexa, and I must admit, Alexa isn’t the most reliable source for traffic stats, but generally, for the top 5,000 sites, it is pretty accurate.

Interested where your favorite gaming site sits? Well be sure to check out the Alexa gaming site statistics here.

  1. > So PS3 > 360 than amirite!? rofl

  2. They are selling more aren’t they?

  3. avatar Link01

    PS3 is > than 360

    but IGN > Gametrailers > Gamespot

  4. Hey guys, I like games. Do you like games? You do!? Great!

    Glad we’re all fans of GAMING in here :)

  5. avatar Anonymous ftw

  6. avatar Avalanche

    i stopped going to gamespot after they fired people for not giving good reviews for games they get paid for

  7. avatar Sameh

    Gametrailers > All.

  8. I seriously don’t know what I’d do without gamefaqs!

  9. avatar Ian

    What !. IGN is so much better than gamespot.

  10. avatar Used to visit IGN

    I used to visit IGN then they became a bunch of 360 fanboys

  11. avatar nightelfmohawk

    fuck them both. EGM is where it’s at. I got my subscription for the relaunch of EGM already paid for! :)

  12. I just sort of randomly pick one or the other when I need gaming news or I want to look at a review, though IGN usually has more reviews.

  13. avatar TheFatherofLies

    I go IGN about half as often as Gametrailers Gamespot and N4G. Their clear 360 bias is disgusting and I OWN a 360.

  14. avatar S.Desch

    I dont trust Gamespot anymore, multiplatform games scored exactly the same 360/PS3 when there is no doubt that many of them outperform one or the other ( frame per second, tearing, native resolution etc…) see LensofTruth or Digital Foundry face-offs (Eurogamers)…

  15. avatar joe shmoe

    I used to go on IGN quite often, until I found N4G, IGN’s 360 bias is unforgivable (I just hope whatever they get for it is worth alienating people like me) I was glad to find an alternative to IGN. At least on IGN you hear bias news from all sides. The methods IGN uses to hype up anything 360, and hype down anything Playstation is just sickening, and their methods are more professional than anothers. I actually know 360 enthusiasts who dont even know that the site is extremely biased(even PS owners) that makes them the worst site. Its like a dictatorship that hides behind a facade of democracy and legitamecy.

  16. avatar foresty456

    In my beginning days, i went with gamespot…that is until i found out about IGN – who i believe gives quality reviews. This info will lead to my reexamination of gamespot.

  17. avatar Sanzee

    IGN > Gamespot

    PS3 > Xbox 360

    360 Fanboys > PS3 Fanboys (the worst)

  18. I honestly haven’t been to GameSpot since the whole Jeff Gerstmann incident. Until that point I had been a paying subscription member for 5+ years, but after that I immediately canceled my subscription. I’ve never returned.

  19. avatar Anon > all

  20. avatar Clembo

    Gamespot has always been terible, but then again so has IGN. GS is only good for the forums anyhow, the talent all left for Giant Bomb (which is an excellent site btw).

  21. avatar Webby

    then GiantBomb!

  22. GiantBomb is win, IGN has advertiser overload whenever I try to visit. I only go to GameSpot when E3 rolls around as I still think they have the best coverage.

  23. avatar MrJohnCena

    I have a Gamespot account and i am dissapointed that Gamespot are defending the XBOX 360.And they make the PS3 looks like shit.
    I rather support IGN

  24. avatar Anonymous

    oops. Can’t delete above comment.

    Anyway. I don’t see any meantion of What do you think of that?

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