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If you are one of the millions of people who are still playing Modern Warfare 2, even though its multiplayer is broken beyond repair, then this is your lucky day.  Details and pricing for the game’s first downloadable map pack have been released, and it appears that killing has a steep price tag attached to it.

For the completely absurd price of $15 (1200 MS Points), you’ll be able to slaughter your enemies in one of five new maps, two of which are actually “slightly reworked” maps from the original Modern Warfare.  Xbox 360 owners will get first dibs at this DLC when it launches on March 30th, followed by the PS3 and PC versions which will be available at some undisclosed date in April.

For more information about these new maps, hit the jump.

New Maps:

  • “Bailout” – A multi-level apartment complex.
  • “Storm” – An open industrial park littered with heavy machinery.
  • “Salvage” – A snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars.

“Reworked” Modern Warfare Maps:

  • “Crash” – A war torn urban environment.
  • “Overgrown” – Which features a massive dry creek bed.

While I might have a problem with the $15 price tag of this DLC, I completely understand that Infinity Ward and Activision can charge it and people will pay.  After all, we are talking about a game that’s sold more than 25 million copies, many of which are still playing the multiplayer.  When a game is that popular, you can charge whatever you want and people will flock to it.

I personally don’t plan on picking it up, but I also haven’t played the game since December.  How do the rest of your feel about this DLC.  Are you excited about the new maps?  Is Activision charging too much, or is Modern Warfare 2 so good it warrants the steep price?

Source: Destructoid

  1. Better idea! Use that $15 now and buy a game that doesn’t suck: BC2 for $47 on Amazon today!

    PS: Fuck Activision

  2. avatar Abe504

    too steep, especially since world at war included the excellent Nazi zombies maps and they are basically repackaging old maps to resell.

  3. avatar me

    Ridiculous… but I’ll prob buy b/c I’m a sucker.

  4. avatar Ferahtsu

    Too late, I just picked up BC2 last night which includes free maps for download

    • avatar Young

      They were already on the disc. I didn’t have to download anything. Just unlocked them.

    • You’re right. It comes with a VIP code stating “This code entitles you to upcoming downloadable maps at no additional cost!” Looks like anyone who buys BC2 before April 1, 2011 won’t be paying for any maps. Did I just hear Activsion cry a little?

  5. avatar Suryat

    “Fuck Activision”… buy this game from EA instead? The same EA that I read on here is shutting down online servers for games that are only a year old?

  6. $15 is pretty steep, but it’s definitely something that they will get away with because of all the people who breathe, eat, and shit MW2. Truthfully I’ll probably pick it up, not anytime soon, but it’s a game I casually play when nothing else is going on.

  7. I’m picking it up. It’s a ridiculous price, but I’m picking it up nonetheless.

  8. avatar PS3

    For PS3 users, you can have up to 4 uses including yourself on 1 account! The map pack will only cost $3.00 a user! Sounds good to me.

  9. avatar jiimmy

    wats the map above?

  10. It’s steep for essentially getting 3 “new” maps and 2 “old” ones. But when you share with 2, 3, or 4 other people, it’s all of a sudden much more affordable….

  11. avatar Anonymous

    You’re poor

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