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Jason West and Vince Zampella, formerly studio heads of Infinity Ward, are moving forward with a lawsuit against their former employer, Activision. Phil Kollar of Game Informer partnered with Eric Chad, an IP attorney, to get to the bottom of what really happened that fateful day, when security guards were ordered to escort the two developers off the premises. Phil uncovers some pretty disturbing material while skimming the 16 page legal document; some of which essentially infers that Activision, and/or CEO Kotick, were looking for reasons to fire West and Zampella without real cause.

So how can the lead developers of 2009′s biggest shooter be let go for no real reason? My money is on the fact that Kotick didn’t want them to jump ship, and enacted a pre-emptive strike before they started work on a new IP with a different competitor. Read the full article here and decide for yourself.

Source: Game Informer

  1. I have no idea what’s going on here. Is this an IP grab or something?

    I’ll just say I agree with Chris’s comment and hope that the developers get to work on original projects. I’d rather have that over something they’re being forced into.

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