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It seems that laying people off is in vogue this week. First Activision fires the heads of Infinity Ward. Now today EA announced that it has laid off the team behind Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox series.

Word got out about the lay offs when, now-former, Electronic Arts Los Angeles senior software engineer Jeff Dixon posted “The Boom Blox team was laid off today,” on Linkedln. According to Dixon, fourteen people lost their jobs.

Apparently the Boom Blox team had been working on an unannounced title that was centered around the upcoming Xbox 360 add-on Project Natal before they were terminated. Dixon described the new game as “an original IP franchise.” EA hasn’t given up on the new title, stating that “a small project has been moved from EA Los Angeles, to the EA Bright Light Studio.”

EA has stated that the termination of the Boom Blox team was a “routine event.” The publisher went on to explain, “moving projects to leverage development strengths is common in global studio organizations,” and that “all eligible employees will receive severance and outplacement assistance.”

While I never played Boom Blox, it’s always sad to see members of the games industry losing their jobs. I can only wish Jeff Dixon and his team the best of luck in finding a new project.


  1. Awful – Boom Blox is one of the best games on the Wii, and probably the most accessible party game of all time.

    • I doubt it was something that happened due to the team’s work itself, but more of a fact that EA (and other big studios) are just moving away from the Wii. They threw a bunch of stuff at it, none stuck, and so they’re trying something different now.

      Still… very sad to hear. Boom Blox was a pretty sweet game.

    • I agree with Mark. EA was late to the Wii party, and once they got there they couldn’t get much of anything to sell that wasn’t associated with the balance board.

  2. I concur with Chris. It’s a shame to see such a talented team get fired.

  3. avatar Patrick Williams

    Its a shame to see the team go. BB was a ton of fun and it was the game my non-gamer fellow lab members would want to play at parties the most. Had Boom Blox 2 not been such a shallow sequel, I doubt this would’ve happened.

  4. Two heads from Infinity Ward were fired. Infinity Ward. I doubt that quality of these people’s games or the games’ sales have much to do with why these people are getting canned. I place blame on poor management in all the major studios.

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