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Presumably to coincide with the start of the new F1 season this coming weekend, Codemasters have confirmed their plans to release F1 2010 this September. The game will be a sequel to F1 2009 which was only released on the Wii, PSP and iPhone, and will this time feature on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. As expected, it will include all of the official teams and drivers from the coming season including the return of Michael Schumacher and the Korean International Circuit.

Codemasters are renowned for their racing pedigree in the genre having developed high quality titles such as GRiD and DiRT 2, and F1 2010 is said to utilise the Ego Engine that powered these titles. As a result, we can expect a “highly advanced damage model,” along with dynamic weather and “extensive competitive multiplayer options.”

It also marks the first ever F1 game for the 360, the first F1 game for PC in 8 years and the first F1 game for PS3 since F1 Championship Edition in 2006.  Given their mastery of the genre, F1 2010 should prove to be a tasty treat for F1 fans when it launches off the starting grid this September.

Source: Codemasters

  1. Also the first F1 game that I want



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