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With the multiplayer beta set to commence on March 8th for Xbox 360 users (sadly no word yet on a beta for PS3 or PC) Bizzarre Creations have put up a list of details of what to expect from this taster up on their blog. In addition, they also confirmed a release date of May 25th for the US and, as usual, a slightly later release of May 28th for Europe after it was previously delayed.

Blur‘s unique fusion of licensed automobiles and frenzied power-ups make for some intriguing gameplay prospects, which Bizarre Creations hopes will inject some new life into the racing genre.

2010 is shaping up quite nicely for racing game fans – along with Blur, there’s Split Second, Modnation Racers, the new Criterion developed Need For Speed and the newly announced Test Drive Unlimited 2 to look forward to. Oh and Gran Turismo 5, assuming that will be released in this¬†millennium.

  1. I’m looking forward to this game. Got into the beta too :)

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