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The most anticipated gaming milestone in Australian history has come one step closer over the weekend with Michael Atkinson, the chief opposition to introducing an R+ rating, resigning from his post.

Mr Atkinson was the only classification minister who was opposing the new rating standard, so (potentially) the new amendments to the legislation should go through without any more hitches.

He resigned claiming:

“There are talented people on the Labor backbench who deserve a go. I don’t think we want all the Labor ministers leaving in a bunch about the 2014 general election and so it’s important that that renewal be staged.”

Despite this statement, there is speculation that he may have been requested to step down due to the venomous backlash caused from all his recent controversies.

Source: SMH

  1. This is the best possible outcome. Great news!

  2. Very good news for Australian gamers! I wonder how much this will change things?

  3. That dude looks like he just took a shit in his pants and is trying to figure out what to do about it.

  4. This is the best gaming news I’ve heard in a couple of months. Violence, death and destruction here I come! :P

  5. yea he probably got all kinds of death threats from people about denying all the great games to the country.

  6. Well … I suppose this is nice.

    Then again, an R18+ isn’t going to do anyone any good if they end up with eight-year-olds buying the software anyway. One hopes the Australian government makes certain the rating actually means something, instead of simply allowing the games into the country.

    What do I know, I live in the US.

  7. I just got a thrilled call about this from a friend I have in Australia. He literally danced around his room when he saw the news.

  8. Congratulations to my antipodean friends!

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