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Seriously, what is Kingdom Hearts? I’ve played every game and remake in the series, and I still have no idea what Kingdom Hearts actually is. Is it an everlasting salt flavored ice cream stand? Is it a place for boy band voice actors to hang out? Hopefully we’ll find out in the upcoming PSP title Birth By Sleep, finally confirmed for a North American release this summer. Packed full of Disney goodness including the all new Lilo and Stitch, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White kingdoms, Birth By Sleep looks like it already has a lot more unique content than 358/2 Days.

Stay tuned this summer for the portable¬†monologue-collection-of-quotes such as “I am nobody…but if I am nobody…am I somebody?” goodness.

  1. Never got into these games. I’m sure my brother will hijack my PSP once it’s out though. He loved those games.

    Also, you shoulda said “Stay tooned…” instead. I woulda been so proud of you.

  2. You find out what it is in both Kingdom Hearts 2 and 356/2 Days. It’s a massive column of hearts gained by killing Heartless, and once it reaches capacity, it will be enough to give all the Nobodies on Organization XIII hearts of their own.

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