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We posted recently about the pre-order incentives available for Modnation Racers on the PS3, well, the Playstation blog recently dropped some pictures and they are just so darn adorable how could we not share them with you?

The available packs are for Kratos (of God of War fame), Ratchet & Clank and everyone’s favourite incarnation of Nolan North, Nathan Drake (of Uncharted fame) and after the jump you will be delighted by screens of both Kratos and Ratchet.

I’ve got to say that Kratos is adorable, if it wasn’t for witnessing his recent evisceration-fest, I might just want to hug him.

  1. I’d totally play as Clank. I have to disagree with Kratos being adorable. He looks mutated or something, and I suppose by the definition of the word he technically is.

  2. Having Nathan Drake in there is only relevant if you can hear his voice. If I can’t hear Nolan Norths voice, I will not play this, simple as that.

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