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Last year we had our Ratchet & Clank charity gaming marathon, which almost ended in a crazed James stabbing everyone, fortunately for this event there is a dedicated team of marathon gamers.

ExtraLives are attempting to play through their top 10 N64 games over a 64 hour period, their donation goal is $2,500, and at the time of this post the marathon has been running for 8 hours and has already received 1,203.60 in donations.

We’re raising money for Free the Children, a charity that provides clean water, healthcare, food and education to children in developing nations! Click the PayPal Donate button below to donate to Free the Children!

We’re going to be playing through our top 10 Nintendo 64 games in our 64 Hours of the Nintendo 64 Marathon. Every $5 donation gets you a chance to win an N64 and our top 5 games (a ~$100 value!).

Join the stream here, and be sure to donate a dollars (maybe two if you are feeling generous).

  1. That’s crazy… and makes me miss my N64 a lot.

  2. I see Mischief Makers there!!! That game brought relief to N64 joysticks

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