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Covering 20th century warfare in video games is beginning to run its course.  With a reoccurring Call of Duty title out every year, the locales are beginning to thin out.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any settings left.

Right now, little is known about this year’s Call of Duty, but sources are pointing toward South East Asia.  The Vietnam War is a landscape that’s been relatively unscathed in comparison to World War II and the conflict in the Middle East.  What kind of controversy can we expect this time?

The latest rumor comes from VG247, who picked up a casting call in the Los Angeles area.  The casting called for four actors, and one of the characters, Frank Barnes, is described as “being part of an elite Vietnam unit, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group.”

On the other hand, the casting call also called for a female character, CIA agent Kristina Ivanova, who boasts a “network of contacts behind the Iron Curtain,” which tie to the Cold War.

What do you think?  Vietnam / Cold War era seem like a good location for the next Call of Duty game?

Source: VG247, Yahoo!

  1. I’d like to see something with Korea first. I know very little of that war (outside of MASH stuff I had to look up to get references) and think it could be a good way to step forward without skipping parts of history entirely.

  2. avatar Abe504

    Yes good setting, should be a good game, need to wash the terrible taste of MW 2 out of my mouth.

  3. As long as Infinity Ward isn’t involved there’s no point in playing this “Call of Duty” game

  4. avatar Marjan

    Thanks, Steve. Would still like to talk to you one day about nesrus in VWAM mission trips. When do you think you might go back? We are considering February or March 2012.

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