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Today publisher Ubisoft announced that Related Designs’s historical city builder Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery will be getting a downloadable expansion February 25. Dubbed the “Venice” expansion, players can expect a whole slew of new content that will add hours upon hours of fun.

Included among the additions is: co-op and competitive multiplayer, the new Venice setting, a new “Volcano” island type, new units, new items, more quests, and new scenarios. All in all, it sounds like a major update.

Ubisoft announced that it also plans to release a digitally distributed “Gold Edition” of Dawn of Discovery on February 25. This updated release includes the original Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery plus the Venice expansion. As of right now no price point has been announced for either the Gold Edition or the Venice expansion.

Those of you who have been reading my work since I started at Gamer Limit will recall that Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery was the second game I reviewed here. I really enjoyed it, and still play it from time to time. For those of you who missed out on it the first time around, I hope you’ll consider picking up the Gold Edition. Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery is a great game that deserved more commercial success than it garnered. Hopefully you guys will give it a try when the 25th rolls around.


  1. Sweet! I absolutely loved the gorgeous detail of the first game and enjoyed playing it thoroughly. I hope the expansion improves upon the original formula.

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