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Welcome, yet again, to another rousing week at Gamer Limit; and, ah, what a week it was. There were a plethora of community blogs, some fantastic features, a group of exquisite reviews, and even a contest for the readers/members. It was really quite a  smashing week.

But, apparently, most of you have been spending your time watching something called “the Winter Olympics.” I’m not exactly sure what that is, but I’m fairly certain it’s nowhere near as interesting as the games you could have been playing or the articles you could have been reading.

After all, have you seen one silly man in a top hat, monocle, and bubble pipe? I’d go as far as to bet that there isn’t even one smoking jacket at that “Olympics” of yours. And a good glass of brandy? Hardly.

However, since I know many of you have chosen the path of televised sporting events, and likely regret that choice, I’ll take the time to walk you through this past week. Hand holding, is optional.

Did you love Sonic and the Secret Rings? How about Sonic and the Black Knight? No!?!? Well… someone must have, because Sega announced Sonic and the Roman Empire, the third game in their Sonic Storybook series. And just when we’d thought the Sonic series was making a comeback…

Is handheld gaming overpriced? I dunno… I think most portable games have always been around half the price of console titles. Maybe we’re just getting cheaper as development cycles get more expensive.

According to Steven, the 360 broke the one hundred pound barrier. Since I’m an American, I couldn’t care less. I will just assume that it means LIVE will have even more douchesocks yelling into their stupid, free headsets. Time to get my blocking reflexes up to speed again!

Our user “nofuneral” has taken pity upon me and took the time to translate basic WoW-speak into English. I not only understood it, but now feel like I should at least attempt to re-read his other blogs.

Charles is making up for lost time, and in doing so, quickly gives his thoughts on Prince of Persia, No More Heroes, and Super Swing Golf Season 2. Based on his blog, I think it’s safe to say he’s my complete opposite.

If you get a chubby just thinking about anime or JRPGs, you might agree that Arc Rise Fantasia looks awesome. Or, if you just like to get on Dylan’s nerves, maybe you think it looks like crap.

Curtis has piqued my interest in Assassin’s Creed for the PC, with his review of it… but I hated the first game far too much to try it again or even try a demo for the sequel. That series is just dead to me. Dead, I say!!!

Have you pondered what you’ll be shooting in 2011? I’m hoping for a game where you have to clear the earth of all hippy-scum. Or maybe a game where you play a pretentious art-freak fighting against the corporations conspiring to take over the world! Or, ya know, a CareBear FPS would be pretty rad too.

Does pop music need to make a comeback in Sonic The Hedgehog 4? The answer to that is yes. If you said no, your turtle wax and home copy of The Weekly Recap are waiting for you right next to that Exit sign.

David loves Kingdom Hearts 2. Considering most of my friends enjoyed that series as well, I feel sorta left out. But to me, fun does not involve Disney characters. Their annoying, high-pitched voices make me want to club baby seals.

As he did last week, William Hardline, wrote something like 6 blogs, so I’m not recapping them individually. I do suggest you check them out though… there are topics ranging from MegaMan’s 8bit Deathmatch, Nintendo screwing over homebrewers in Australia, an indie game based on the Austin Plane Crash, and a price comparison of this generations consoles.

As you should probably know by now, we have forums. And they are quite spectacular.

This week topics ranged from Sonic 4 to must have WiiWare titles. We compared FF13 screenshots (and of course argued about them) and gave suggestions for some cheap PS3 games worth getting. We have an ongoing discussion over what Xbox Live Indie titles everyone should pick up and play. And there are a bunch of good deals posted in the Gaming Deals area of the forum as well… stuff on Steam, Newegg, and elsewhere. So stop being lame and boring and buying things for more than you should pay… head to the forums and let us make you cool and interesting and rich!

We had our first Gamer Limit Giveaway in quite some time this week, and the game up for grabs? Heroes of Newerth! To enter, you had to be a registered member of the site and leave a comment describing your perfect hero. The following users were deemed awesome-sauce and will have the info emailed to them in the next few days: hammershark, corki999, yamakasi, and eliasandri.

Congrats and be on the lookout. Don’t let this stuff hit your spam box or something. That would make for sad Heroes.

Do you have an iPhone? Do you worship the ground that PopCap stands on? And do you hate having money that isn’t spent!? Then why are you reading this… go check out the iPhone Review of Plants vs. Zombies. You’ll want it in no time flat.

After a full year of being on store shelves, of being traded in and resold, and being mostly forgotten by most up-to-date gamers, RE5’s Lost in Nightmares DLC is finally out. Raise of hands to see who cares? Yeah… that’s kinda what I thought.

I think it’s safe to say that, like most sequels, BioShock 2 will either make you love it, or hate it, based on how open you are to a different look at Rapture and whether  you thought the fist game was Jesus or not. Chris saying it’s a good game has pushed me to finish the first game… even with it’s wonky controls.

Confession time: I’ve never played an Ace Attorney game. That was promted by the stellar review Jamie wrote for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All. It makes me want to buy it… and may also explain why some of my friends are at law school now.

Stir together two parts LocoRoco, one part deBlob, a pinch of PataPon, and a nice big mix of indie, and what do you get!? Kaleidoscope! And I honestly can’t think of one reason why you haven’t played it yet. It’s cheap, fun as hell, and will probably be the best 2 hrs of your day.

I don’t know where I’ve been (presumably napping under a rock), but I have no recollection of previous Dynasty Warriors games. But apparently Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (on the PS3) doesn’t just follow in the format of previous games, but switches things up quite a bit. I’ll assume that’s a good thing. Chris seems to think it is, at least.

Chase reviewed an excellent indie game called Bob Came In Pieces… and I’m really trying not to make the obvious joke. But since that’s all that’s coming to mind, I’m just going to pull out before I blow it, and move right along.

Grahame wants to know whether video game addiction is a real problem and is asking you for feedback. Seeing as how the staff here plays games, reads about them, writes about them, and probably takes them just about everywhere they go, I’d say it’s probably a real thing. But what do you think?

There’s no denying that the gaming market has changed since the DS and Wii hit the market and created a casual boom…  but whether accessibility is a good or bad thing is still up in the air.

Were you teased, ridiculed, or envied for your nerdier hobbies? Well, Sean has taken some time to explain how you may have already had your sweet, delicious revenge without you, or them, even knowing about it.

If you frequent gaming blogs much, you’ve no doubt seen the arguments over whether games can be art. Well, now you can see what we think as well. Oh, and don’t be afraid to comment… I consider “asshat” a term of endearment.

The LimitCast recorded live earlier today (as you hopefully saw on the main page). In case you’re wondering what a bunch of the conversation was about, look no further than the Starcraft II Beta that was released earlier this week.

If you  haven’t dropped in on the live recordings yet, its a good time. I think most of the staff was there this week, and we had a handful of readers/members as well. We basically make fun of the guys podcasting, joke around with each other, and, if you’re addicted to MAG like some of us, try to play MAG while listening and reading everything that’s going on. I wouldn’t suggest the latter, however. Your scores will drop noticeably.

Well, that was about it. Hopefully you had as good of a time as I did. But, before you go, feel free to drop by one last article and let us know what you’re playing? It’s not like we really need to know… we’re just curious.

See you next week and thanks for stopping by… yeah, that means you can let go of my hand now.

  1. Great recap, as always, Mark. It really brings attention to all the things we’ve got going on in the week!

  2. PEOPLE LIKE ARC RISE FANTASIA. Since Caps = truthfuliness, then I think you should realize just how serious I was by doing that.

  3. Failboat poses an interesting question: is handheld gaming over priced? The handhelds are just as expensive as the consoles now, the games are about half the price, and they never seem to compare.

    • Some games are pretty expansive for portable titles. RPGs are huge time sinks, several PSP games are impressive in graphical detail and length, etc… but the systems themselves ask a pretty steep entry cost.

      I have to wonder if some of it isn’t because of how hackable the portable systems are compared to the home consoles. It may just be another example of gamers getting screwed over thanks to pirates/hackers (just like the new Ubisoft DRM)

  4. Nice recap, sonnnn. Good to see so much going on in the blogs!

  5. The community is heating up! Thanks for the sweet recaps, man.

    • I agree. It’s really great to see so many community blogs.

    • avatar Mahmoud

      You’ll still have people who idtienfy more with the older models, and until the games improve dramatically, the model debate will still remain a matter of preference and/or what they represent. It’s the games that matter more, and yet here we are making more of models and polls than we should. WE’RE GOING OFF THE RAILS ON A CRAZY HYPE TRAIN

  6. A big thanks to all who regularly post blogs, I really enjoy reading through your stuff. even if I don’t always comment, I am reading. :)

  7. As always, a great recap, Mark. :) Lotta fun to read.

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