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Welcome to the recap. I hate to do this, but I really must ask  you to keep it down this week… the missus is in the other room and thinks that I am merely taking a nap. If she were to know I was recapping on her special day, I would be in the proverbial “doghouse” and on the literal “couch” later this eve.

And, although that would facilitate my gaming much better than laying in bed, quietly playing a PSP under the sheets while she dozes next to me, the repercussions do not stop at the couch. Not the ideal situation.

So, with that taken care of, its time to bust out your bubble pipes, hit the jump, and get to it.

If you haven’t heard, Perfect Dark is coming to XBLA. I wonder if the 360 will need an Expansion Pack to play it… and if so, I hope we don’t have to find our old N64 Expansion Pack, cause I’m pretty sure they stopped making those by now.

Jon voiced his opinions on Why Ubisoft Shouldn’t Use Ezio For Assassins Creed III. Since I’m sure we all agree, there’s not much more to write here.

In an attempt to be an Hong Kong action hero, Swallow has had to learn about delayed gratification the hard way.

We’ve all watched some of our favorite games age horribly or have replayed something to find that it wasn’t anywhere near as good as we remember… whatever the reason, there is some point at which we all lose our gamer innocence.

Steven wants Sega to bring Shenmue back. My advice: be careful what you ask for. You might get something as awful as the new 3D Sonic games. Or, even worse, a horrific RPG version of the game that abuses the waggle mechanics of the Wii.

Curtis revisited his Crysis Review from a few years back… and I’m jealous that my gaming rig would still stutter under the sheer awesomeness of that game. Hopefully I’ll get to it by the time Duke Nukem Forever is released. Cause that game is just gonna destroy my freetime!

Our user, nofuneral, wrote up some tips for fast paced dungeon runs. Since I still haven’t played an MMO, I still have no idea what this blog is about. Google really needs to make a translator for WoW speak.

Nick Simberg has all 12 Shadow Complex Achievements. If you don’t, that makes you his beyotch.

Do you want to have some fun while reading all your reviews, features, and news posts? Try Michael’s Video Game Critic Bingo. Start right now, and you could probably get a blackout by the end of this post!

I haven’t read Joe’s thoughts on Mass Effect 2 since it’s apparently “spoiler heavy” and I’m always a few months behind everyone who plays new games. But it has pictures, so I’m sure it’s worth reading.

Chris has some rage issues that he’s working out in his blog this week. In his defense, if I was in a class where someone was teaching us about what Wikipedia was, I’d just interrupt the Prof as often as possible and make up facts about it. That’s probably the best way to learn about it anyway.

This week, Grahame is asking us who said games couldn’t be educational. My guess would be old people who are scared of new-fangled technolergies like phones that don’t have cords and TV’s that can be hung on the wall. I, for one, can’t remember what I did in school; but if you wanna hear about all the Mario and Zelda games ever, I’m your man. That’s called Street Smarts.

Since new member William Hardline posted a blog every day this week, I’m not listing them all here. Instead, you can check out his main page and read them as you want. Topics ranged from Nintendo needing to reinvent Mario, to the worst PS2 games ever, and even gave us 5 reasons to get a Wii this year. There’s more on his page, so wander that way for more.

We have forums, and they are glorious forums. Full of life, bickering, and excitement.

This week, some of the highlights have been the new additions to the Awesome Videos, a quizzical thread about gaming, and we added a new section specifically to announce and discuss awesome game deals (Steam sales, XBLA Gold Member Deals, indie games on the cheap, etc). There are of course discussions on new games, old games we’re just getting around to playing, and much much more. So head that way and jump in. Just, make sure to check the water levels before going in head-first, we don’t want new members breaking their necks.

Considering Ashley has dubbed Impossible Shoota to be “Yaris 2.0,” I’m guessing her review is probably a million times better than the game itself. And the review is free!!! What a holiday deal, huh!?

You there! Do you crave an action game that is massive? Would you prefer being bored and led around by pre-pubescent squad leaders rather than your own friends and peers? Well then, buy a copy of MAG. You’ll be the only one who isn’t let down by it!

Do you love a good puzzle game? Does the idea of flooding your friends News Feed in Facebook sound extremely appealing? Would you like to do both at the same time!? Well, then Rotor’scope is the game for you!

Level-5′s long awaited PS3 exclusive, White Knight Chronicles, was finally released outside of Japan. However, as a 2008 game that’s localization took almost 2 years to complete, the big question isn’t just how good it is, but whether or not it’s still relevant.

Have you ever wanted to be a scythe wielding, zombie killing, anime styled nun? If even the mere combination of those ideas in one sentence made you wet, then Twin Blades might be the game you’ve been waiting for. If that word combo did nothing for you, I guess I just have to ask, “what the hell is wrong with you!?”

If you’re a fan of the action genre and can set aside your “preconceived notions” about Dante’s Inferno, Kevin ensures that you’ll have a good time. But you don’t have to take his word for it… you can take his video for it, instead.

An update to a previous review (due to new content, patches), Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood is full of cartoon violence, weird looking chickens, and bloodsplosions (that’s blood-explosions, in case you needed help with that). Despite your feelings on that combination, for just $5, its worth a look.

Have you read our other two reviews of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars? Well, here’s a third! This one is for the iPhone though; so it’s completely, entirely, one hundred percent different. In related news, be on the lookout for our reviews of the iPod and iPad versions in the coming weeks. I bet you can’t wait.

King’s Bounty: The Armored Princess, is a new SRPG and a direct sequel to King’s Bounty: The Legend. Apparently, those of you who enjoyed Heroes of Might and Magic will dig this title. And those of you who have no clue what this paragraph was about… clicky the linky.

If you’re hoping to get your girlfriend into videogames, Simon has taken the time to reflect on his mad skillz with the ladies and throw down a “how to” guide just for you. I should, however, note that Gamer Limit isn’t responsible for you getting smacked while trying to force your girlfriend to hold the arcade-pad between her legs.

If you haven’t read the Retro Reunion: “The Wizard” Movie Review yet, you should do that. Warning: there are Power Gloves involved. You might wanna void your body of all excess fluids before proceeding.

Thanks for joining me on yet another exciting recap. To end it off, how about a video? Hopefully this won’t be you on Monday morning.

Be safe out there all you lovebirds. Now, I’d better get back to the missus before she get’s too suspicious. Thanks for keeping it down this week, next week, we can be extra loud and rowdy. Yes, of course; I promise.

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