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Hello again and welcome to The Weekly Recap. I see you’ve brought your bubble pipes and smoking jackets with you this week. Congratulations on remembering, but you must have missed the memo about top hats and monocles.

It’s okay, it’s okay; I’ll just take mine off and keep it a little less formal than originally planned. At least we can blow our bubbles in unison and share a sense of superiority over how incredibly refined we are.

As for the past week, well, it was a humdinger! There were some fun forum discussions, fantastic user blogs, intriguing features, and rapturous reviews. So without wasting any more time, hit the jump and get right into it.

I didn’t even know Microsoft was still supporting the original LIVE service for Xbox, but apparently they’ve discontinued that service now. It’s about time. If you ask me, the 360 has only been out four years.

If Dante’s Inferno is anywhere as cool as its offbeat marketing campaign has been, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Whether it’s crazy to pretend life is a videogame or not, Swallow is learning from RPGs; from the sounds of it, I think I may start doing the same.

Has someone made a JRPG that doesn’t take itself too seriously; while at the same time, balancing humor and homage to those that came before it? Whether you think it impossible or not, Michael thinks that game is Half-Minute Hero.

Unsatisfied with his lack of videogame history, Ed will be venturing into the land of classic retro games and giving us his take on them as someone who was raised on 3D games with their fancy graphics and confusing controllers.

There may or may not be a leaked version of the Final Fantasy 14 Beta online. If you try it, and it turns out not to be a computer munching virus, let us know in the comments.

Finally, there’s an indie “game” made just for the deathmetal singer in all of us.

If you’re a fan of classic survival-horror games, there just might be a surprise on that front. But if you have nightmares about dead girls crab-walking into your face-hole, maybe you should avoid the trailer and boot up Viva Pinata instead.

Curtis reminisces over Iconic Elements from the Resident Evil series and mistakenly thinks Lara Croft’s guns are memorable. I didn’t even know she had guns… my eyes were definitely not on her holster.

Since you’ve all read the first Weekly Recap by now, you of course know about our forum. Well, for those of you who haven’t stayed up to date on them this week, we’ve been talking about all sorts of stuff.

There have been hilarious videos, birthday wishes, and PAX East discussion/planning in our off topic forums. Discussions on XBLA indie titles you should give a chance, high score challenges to take part in, what controllers you prefer on the PC, and new game discussions and arguments have been going on in the game related sections. And people have continued their bragging over which games they’ve gotten all the achievements/trophies on.

I’m sure you have something to add to the discussion, so head that way and jump right in.

Since Martin lives in the UK, he got his hands on EyePet before most of the world. He also taught it to draw penises before most of the world. Way to be a trend-setter, Martin!

I’m intrigued by Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom but I also suck at fighters. Since TvC is on the Wii, I could at least waggle furiously instead of mashing buttons! That’d be a nice change of pace…

Chris Matulich compared the experience of No More Heroes 2 to that of being in the best B-movie ever. Now, all I can think of is Bruce Campbell as Travis Touchdown. Somebody needs to make that movie. So, get on that Hollywood.

From the sounds of Curtis’ Wings of Prey review, the game basically teaches you how to fly. I say we all buy it and get a Gamer Limit Airborne Division going! No, not online… I mean a real one. Yes. Of course I’m serious!

If you wanna be blue and not wear a lame white hat and live in a village with only one female, maybe you should just check out Avatar on your iPhone. It won’t help you get the ladies, but there will at least be more of them rejecting you.

A remake of a GameBoy Color game, Toki Tori, made its way to the iPhone and Wii last year… but now it’s on Steam with achievements and  SteamCloud support. Obviously, that makes it the superior version. Right?

Chase’s recent editorial looks at how motion controls can enhance narratives. Inspired by his recent experience with Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Wii, he provides us with an interesting take, and hopeful outlook, for the future of motion control and video games.

This ad for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 claimed it could do just about anything. Sixteen years later, Sega seems to hope their new Sonic the Hedgehog game can follow in its footsteps.

Can games really overdo sexuality in their attempt to capture the hearts of young boys and immature/horny men? It’s up for debate, but Simon seems to think it’s possible. Go yell at him for even suggesting that.

After a week of podcast-y loneliness, the LimitCast is back! And with a more laid-back format in tow: Josh, Chase, Shawn, and Sean (Carey) discuss Mass Effect 2 (and promise to not spoil anything). Shawn vents some more about Dark Void, and Chris Carter joins the podcast to talk about No More Heroes 2.

As always, you’re missing out if you haven’t been listening.

Well, that’s it for the week. We’ve had quite a good time, wouldn’t you agree? Now, do try to stay up to date on my memos for next week. If you keep showing up unprepared I will be sorely disappointed. And you don’t want to see me… uh, disappointed.

  1. Simon, you’re not a brit silly!

    But yes Mark, very good indeed. It’s fun watching you sift through the cavalcade of insanity that we put up! As long as it’s not me doing it…

  2. Thanks to this recap I now realize the original Xbox Live is closing its door. Too bad for those who are now receiving their last generation console in the darkest parts of the world.

  3. Great recap, Mark. It really puts a perspective on some of the community blogs, which often get lost in the shuffle.

  4. Spiffing work once again, Mark.

  5. Mark you are a scholar and a gentleman … or maybe you are just a gamer with too much time on his hands. In either case you are awesome for posting this!

  6. Man, do I love this feature! Keep up the good work.

  7. Great feature. If I were a little girl, you’d make my giney tickle, haha!

  8. Wow, this place changed while I was gone :P

  9. Well welcome back Mohamoud! :)

  10. Thanks for the weekly recap Martin—- errr, Mark! :D

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