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Why hello, I didn’t see you there. Let me take the bubble pipe out of my mouth, step away from this stone fireplace, and sit in that old-timey chair, which just happens to match my smoking jacket. Ahhh, there we go. Comfort!

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Mark, the new Community Promoter and weekly recapper. Yes, much like a stranger on Halloween, you can count on me to hand out delicious candy; except, with my recaps you don’t have to get dressed or check for razor blades (unless you really want to). Why post a recap you say? Well, we know that you hate clicking more than two buttons to find anything on the web, so that’s why I’m paid to help you catch up on articles, reviews, and the forums each and every week.

Wait, what was that Colin? I don’t get paid for this… seriously? Oh. I didn’t realize that was the volunteer application. Well can I get the non-volunteer one? It’s contractually binding!? Well, great. Guess I’d better get on with the recap then, and try to get my day job back tomorrow.

Having never played an MMO, Adventures in Babysitting: Off-healing 5 Mans was like reading something written in another language that was sprinkled with English phrases I’m familiar with. I’m sure it would make sense to those of you fond of the genre, though. So go read it, and then come explain it to me.

Curtis’ post about The Hapa Project is a very interesting read and made me feel awkward for having absolutely no idea what my heritage is. Guess that makes me a true American, right?!

Casual, hardcore, or otherwise, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the gaming industry is a much different place than it was a few years ago. But having a keen eye for where the industry is going? That’s what I’d call a Revelation of the Gamer. Turns out that’s what Ed would call it too!

Why do politicians seemingly hate our games? My guess is that they can’t figure out the controllers and feel so insecure, they don’t want anyone to ever use something so complex and gosh-darn evil ever again.

Nathan was nice enough to write a user review of Professor Layton & Pandora’s Box so that people like me would be reminded that it had already come out and that it somehow slipped under the radar. From his write up, I’m not sure how I hadn’t been reminded of it before this. I must not have been paying attention or something. Shame on me.

We have all bought a used game somewhere, sold a game here or there, and have probably used giant corporate-owned stores to get a good deal more than once. Darko examines just that topic in, Retail Resale: Scumlords or Superstars?

Apparently, Valve censored Left4Dead 2 so that it could be released in Australia. For a country with such awesome looking animals and cool accents, you guys sure have some weird politicians.

Michael took the time to review  Tekken 6 for the PSP this week, which I will be ignoring completely. His review is great, but fighting games and I don’t mesh well. Add in a portable system that I can easily throw, and bad things will happen.

If you didn’t know we had forums, you are not only missing out, but you might wanna get your vision checked (or look at the navigation bar a little more closely sometime). If you know about them and just don’t use them, well, shame on you. Not only is it a fun hang out spot, but it’s the best place to get news on updates to the site and any possible downtime while implementing new features.

Recently, we’ve been chatting about the iPad, how we’re doing on achievements/trophies, what games we’re spending the most time playing, what games we can’t wait to see hit stores, and even random stuff like what our avatars are pictures of and why we use them.

Jamie reviewed the first Vandal Hearts game that’s been released in over a decade. Whether the series should have stayed dead or is making a comeback is up for debate.

Hot on the tail of the new movie, Sean takes a look at Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for the iPhone. If it’s as sexy of a game as Robert Downey Jr., I think we should all agree to scream “MOAR” in unison.

Jetpacks, ariel FPS action, and a sexy suit of armor? Sounds like a game I want to play! Luckily, I read Shawn’s review of Dark Void before any throwing money at it.

Chris got his review of Mass Effect 2 up at midnight on the day of release. And it was so fantastic, Kotaku even had to include it in their Frankenreview. That’s right, they had to.

The XBLA got another dual joystick shooter game, Death by Cube, which Andrew did a fantastic review of. Check it out to see if you’ll be murdered by cube’s or not. Personally, I’d rather be murdered by a star. At least I could pretend a ninja had taken me out that way.

If guiding souls to heaven sounds right up your alley, then Soul just might be the game for you. Although it sounds like a simple game from that one lined description, Ashley says otherwise.

As someone who loathes arachnids, Spider doesn’t sound like a game I’d pick up. But, Sean’s review paints a good picture of it. As long as the touch controls don’t make me touch the spider, I would consider it. Maybe…

Ashley more or less said that Zero Gear is MarioKart for the PC. I read the post back-to-back and that’s all my brain wants to remember. I want!

Another iPhone game, Sword & Poker, was reviewed by Sean and its awesome write-up and high score is kinda irritating me. Port these to webOS, please! Pretty please?

Whether you like them or not, open world (sandbox) games are here to stay. This week’s editorial discusses those titles that were Pivotal Sandbox Games.

Alex is back to give you even more tips at how to get through Left4Dead 2’s Scavenge Mode. If you’re a beginner, this and his previous post in the series are great places to start.

Whether you think racing games are your thing or not, Andrew believes there are plenty of reasons why they Don’t Belong In Your Rear-View Mirror.

Tom Clancy games have run the gambit from spectacular to pretty awful, but Joe wants you to look back with him at Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, a title that was ahead of its time and has managed to age quite well.

Who doesn’t want to set a world record doing something they love? No, I don’t mean sleeping or staring at that weird stuff growing in the back of your fridge, but Video Game World Records. Stephen’s post isn’t just informative, but sorta depressing since I’ll never make it into that book unless there is a category for “largest backlog ever.”

Reading and gaming don’t seem to have a lot in common, but EA want’s to change that; for kids, at least. Paul looked into their effort to make the DS an e-reader and, after e-reading it, you just might find yourself flipping through DS books, too.

Curtis wants you to be a better survivor. It’s not that he hates playing L4D with you, he’s just looking out for you in case of a real zombie apocalypse. After all, when the real-deal hits, I’m betting you’ll have to play all levels on expert. So check out his guide on how to survive. It’s really for your own good.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for joining me on this wonderful journey of recap-greatness. I expect to see you again next week, and do try to remember your bubble pipe and smoking jacket next time.

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