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There’s nothing like getting something for a great price, and this Valentine’s Day, you can pick up a set of great indie games for only $20. The Indie Love Bundle is a collaboration between indie game developers to bring their best titles to the masses on this day of love, for pretty damn cheap.

Titles include And Yet It Moves, Auditorium, Aztaka, Eufloria, and Machinarium. If purchases separately, all five titles would cost you over $85, so its really a no brainer, especially if you love indie games.

I’ve played everything in the pack except Auditorium, and I can tell you from personal experience, this pack is well worth it. Machinarium and And Yet It Moves are great platforming puzzler games, and Eufloria is a unique strategy game with an interesting twist. Aztaka is a unique 2D side-scrolling adventure with gorgeous graphics, great game play, and an absolutely killer story. Don’t believe me? Check out my review.

You can grab all five of these titles for $20 until Friday the 19th, so don’t hesitate to snap it up and show your love for indie developers.

  1. That is an incredible deal for $20. Unfortunately I already own some of these games, otherwise I would pick it up.

  2. I’d much rather blow $20 on this than a meal at a fancypants restaurant.

  3. I really want to jump on this deal but I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time to play any of these games. With work, school, friends, etc. I barley have enough time to play Bioshock 2 much less five indie games. On the other hand I may as well get them while I can just so I’ll have something to do post graduation when I’m (almost certainly) unemployed…

  4. If I hadn’t just treated myself to a LIVE account, I would have bought this. C’est la vie! Can’t say I made the wrong choice, but I can’t say the indie bundle would have been the wrong choice, either.

  5. avatar Griffinhart

    Hell, the only game I want that’s listed is Auditorium. BOUGHT.

    – Griffinhart

    • avatar Brightman

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  6. avatar Makasini

    CoolHello,I wanted to say Great job on And Yet It Moves. It is a great game. I was widoernng though if there is any plans on bringing the game to the PS3 as a PS Move game. Again the team at Broken Rules made a great game & I can’t wait to see what you make next.

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