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The Team Fortress 2 WAR update has been the largest update to TF2 yet, with both the Demoman and the Soldier receiving new unlocks and a bloody war in which to participate, not to mention the massive community contributions that went into making the WAR update a successful one.

In addition to updating the game, Valve ran a propaganda contest for the artists of the community to submit their best works. After receiving a whopping 11,000 entries, the team finally had a chance to go through them and pick out the cream of the crop. While the winners have already been announced, the runners up show just how hard a decision the TF2 team had when it came to picking out just three.

Divided into categories such as “Most Likely to Get Us a Cease and Desist Order From Bethesda” and “Best Use of a Term We Don’t Know the Meaning of, But That is Probably Filthy”, this contest just goes to show that even though TF2 will be celebrating its third birthday later this year, the game and its community is still going strong.

Here are a few of the best posters from the runners up. To see them all, click here.

  1. Man, those are amazing! I’d kill to have a fraction of the talent some of those artists have. Too bad the Soldiers won… Demo all the way!

  2. @Alex: Unfortunately, cases of blatant plagiarism are already popping up. Robani on Twitter tweeted about her Soldier art being stolen and contacted Valve shortly after the release.

    I know of one other plagiarized entry as well. Unfortunately, Valve will probably award both parties with a t-shirt and a Saxton Hale gift pack.

  3. The winners are spectacular. But this is from December, why so late I wonder.

  4. @Ferahstsu: The winners are from December, yes. The runners up were just announced yesterday, which is what this is. Check the main blog for more art. These aren’t the top three winners.

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