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Xbox indie fans have something to rejoice about today, as Team Meat, the team of developers responsible for Super Meat Boy told IGN that the game would be released on the Xbox Live Arcade in addition to its release on the Wii.

Super Meat Boy has been in development for about six months now and since it was announced, it was thought the title would be a WiiWare exclusive, something many hardcore platform gamers lamented. However, with today’s announcement, Team Meat has opened their game to a much broader audience which can only be good for Meat Boy.

Meat Boy was first conceived as a flash game on Newgrounds known for its impossible difficulty and dark humor. As popularity of the game grew, Team Meat was approached to make a new game for consoles, namely by Nintendo. However,  it seems as if they have worked out their licensing agreements to bring Meat Boy to both the Xbox and Steam.

Super Meat Boy is a finalist in the IGF 2010 Seamus McNally Grand Prize, which will be decided in San Fransisco March 3rd-5th. With this announcement, I really hope to see some new characters exclusive to the Xbox, as I wasn’t looking forward to dusting off the Wii for this one.

  1. Heck yes. I’ve been keeping an eye on this for a while. Good to see it’s making its way over to XBLA.

  2. Super Meat Boy. Hehehe… I immediately think of Aqua Team Hunger Force.

  3. Download Joy2Key and play the flash version of Meat Boy immediately :D

  4. Glad to see this get some XBLA love. That way I can get achievements and feel oh so giddy when they pop up along the way.


  5. I have never played this game that everyone is apparently excited about. Maybe I should go and try it out.

  6. @Shawn
    1. Download Joy2Key
    2. Hook up a Wii-mote/PS Dual Shock.
    3. Go to this url
    4. Profit

  7. I saw you announce this on Twitter, and I’m excited.

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