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sf4 iphone Street Fighter IV hadoukens to the iPhone

It looks like Ryu and his friends will fight their way onto the App Store, according to always-get-the-exclusives-first gaming site IGN. That’s right folks, fans of the fighting franchise who happen to own iPhones as well will surprisingly get a taste of Ryu’s fist (or Ken’s, more likely) later this month.¬†Capcom broke the news that their bonafide, prized baby Street Fighter IV has been in development for quite some time now, and will be heading to the iDevices sooner than later.

We’re pretty happy about this. Considering fighting games on the platform come few and far between, we’re not complaining about the sudden release. Screenshots after the jump.



While I do think that the virtual buttons are downright ugly, I guess it resembles the good old throwback days of arcade gaming. Sort’a. That said, we’re ready for any Street Fighter IV; whether it be before a class or in Kevin Miller’s toilet.

  1. I love me some SF4, but this seems like a mess. I can’t ever get into any iPhone game with a joystick like that. Interesting port though.

    • Blades of Fury (ie. Soul Calibur clone) worked pretty well on the iPhone. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest you do. It really does show you that fighting games do work on the device.

      That said, the joystick does look like a mess.

  2. I dunno…how do you choose the strength of the punch of kick? I guess I’m overthinking it, because I’m sure no one who buys this on the iPhone will actually care, but removing four of the six buttons is kind of disturbing to me.

  3. avatar Anonymous

    what a god awful title.

  4. avatar Jason T

    ^ talk about irrelevance to the topic at hand, awful comment. can’t wait for SF4 for my phone :D

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