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With all the latest hype surrounding Project Needlemouse, it’s only fitting that we add a little retro flavor to the mix. Video game ads just aren’t what they used to be; back in the day, it was perfectly logical (and hilarious) to blend one of the biggest sequels with an infomercial.

The end result is a great marketing piece that doesn’t take itself seriously. Not that Sega really needed to make a big push for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 thanks to the success of its predecessor.

Finally, an intelligent way to cover up that bothersome bald spot of mine. Must not forget to pick up that weird dog sweater as well.

  1. Oh man, that’s just plain good advertising. I must admit I laughed pretty hard at the prospect of cutting up my veggies with Sonic 2.

  2. Now THAT is a multitasker.

  3. it slices AND dices?
    I actually bought Sonic 2 off of XBLA arcade recently, but with no box, I’m eating my vegetables whole, I’m missing out on the future, man.

  4. Just to show you guys how old I am, I actually remember seeing this commercial on TV when I was a kid, and I was at the store day 1 to buy it when it was released. Oh the memories.

  5. @Shawn

    I remember it too, don’t feel so bad!

    My favorite part was always “Sonic 2 fits easily into any tackle box”.

  6. They only needed Vince spouting that Germans make good stuff and it would be the most epic commercial ever.

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