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This commercial has everything: grown men with ponytails, evil bikers, oversized white suits, and some of the best one liners you’re ever likely to hear in a 60-second advertisement.

“Talkin’ to you!”

Revel in the hilarity that is a dodgy white American attempting to be a badass. Bombarded by the Oscar-worthy acting, a kickin’ soundtrack, and entirely realistic sound effects, I think my head just might explode.

  1. I don’t know what just happened :(

  2. avatar Eva

    I think it means he whesis he could go on a normal date with Kristen, or anybody for that matter, without the damned media ruining it for him by snapping a thousand pictures. I don’t think it means anything with regards to the Robsten rumours. I think he’s just making it known that he would like to act like a NORMAL person from time to time but it’s just not possible.

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