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Today developer/publisher Red Eagle Games announced that it has partnered up with veteran RPG developer Obsidian Entertainment for the development of games based on Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time book series.

For those of you who don’t know Obsidian Entertainment is associated with some of the most critically acclaimed RPGs. In fact the studio employs a large number of industry veterans from Fallout developer Black Isle. Some titles associated with Obsidian are Knights of the Old Republic II, Neverwinter Nights 2, and the upcoming espionage RPG Alpha Protocol.

Larry Mondragon chief operating officer of Red Eagle Games stated, “Although Red Eagle Games is both a game producer and publisher, as a new company, we quickly recognized that we could benefit from supplementing small in-house technical and creative teams with a proven third-party developer.”

Red Eagle CEO Rick Selvage added, “Obsidian Entertainment is the ideal development partner to help Red Eagle Games take Jordan’s beloved characters from the printed page to exciting new forms of interactive media.”

Obsidian’s chief creative officer Chris Avellone said, “Games set in Robert Jordan’s universe have the chance to deliver on the epic storylines and the complex characters that the series is known for – and this is one of Obsidian’s strengths. It’s a natural fit.”

Red Eagle Games was founded in 2008 with the sole intent of creating Wheel of Time products “for all major video game platforms.” In fact both Mondragon and Selvage are serving as producers for a feature film based on the Wheel of Time books for Universal Pictures.

Am I the only fantasy nerd here excited that the Wheel of Time game(s) are being handled by, what I consider to be, one of the best RPG developers out there? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


  1. YESSSS!!! Second best fantasy series of all time. Hopefully this does Robert Jordan proud!

    • avatar Jason

      Thanks to publish this easy fix. I had ecatxly the same problem and am quite sure I didn’t change that setting. Sometimes CS3 behaves a bit strange (application flickering (probably due to lack of memory space)) and when that happens sometimes settings get changed. Anyway thanks again!

  2. Wait a second … wasn’t a Wheel of Time game already released back in 1999 on the PC?

  3. Hell yeah!
    Let’s hope they don’t screw up. …oh, wait, Obsidian won’t!
    @ Shawn: Yeah, there was, but it was more of an 1st Person Shooter than a RPG. Was a decent game nevertheless.

  4. Oh god. They’re turning these awful books into a game? I seriously don’t see how people get into them. The writing is so verbose half the time it looks like Jordan was going through a thesaurus and just cramming words in it to up the page count and make it “epic.”

    I read the first book and really couldn’t get into it. Aside from the writing, the name Rand Al’Thor really bothers me. Sounds Mary Sue-ish, and from the writing, I’m sure it is.

    Whoever writes the script for the game better be able to cut out alot of fat to get to whatever meat the story contains.

    • avatar Anonymous

      you ass hole!

    • avatar Sully86

      You are clearly ignorant. How can you judge a series after only reading one book. Moronic. These books are some of the greatest fantasy books of our time asshole.

    • avatar Anonymous

      How can you even begin to pretend you even know what ‘these books’ are about after reading the first one? pathetic leave your stupid niave comments to yourself thank you.

    • avatar Jon

      That’s like telling people the bible is full of lies (which it is). The difference is my holy book, the Wheel of Time, was more cleverly written.

  5. @Ashley: Like Tolkien and Frank Herbert, Robert Jordan created a massive history, back story, and dozens of cultures all with unique customs and parallels. People who often can’t follow complex storylines and intricate plots will criticize this writing style. Granted Jordan has his own twist by delving into some deep character building that can be off putting to some. However His book sales numbers should speak for themselves as to his popularity. I suggest you pass on this one and check out the new Harry Potter video game from EA, might be more up your alley.

  6. @Komplex: There is a difference between world building and verbose writing, Komplex. World building is establishing a world for your characters to live in. Verbose writing is describing every tree and rock your character passes. This is not great writing, but perhaps you don’t know the difference.

    Just because it’s wildly popular doesn’t make it great. Look at Stephanie Meyer and her horribly popular Twilight Series. She breaks every writer’s rule established, yet people gobble her writing up. The Harry Potter series is the same way.

    If you want great fantasy story-telling without all the fat, try Brandon Sanderson or Terry Goodkind. Brandon Sanderson, who is finishing Robert Jordan’s epic, probably with more interesting writing than the man himself could muster.

    • avatar Anonymous

      Twilight had absolutely no description except for Bella describing Edward. I laughed out loud when I read the dialogue, especially the serious conversations Bella had with Edward. I have read a lot of books, and teh one thing to look for is descriptions. Even if the pace is slow, the book is long, good descriptions save the day. Theres nothing wrong with being longwinded, as long as I can take you seriously.

    • avatar Anonymous

      The twilight series? You cannot begin to compare the Twilight series to Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. That is like comparing kindergarten to graduating college. You have no idea what you are talking about and probably haven’t read either series all the way through. I hope someone pushes you into a busy street.

  7. @Ashley: Perhaps I was a little harsh in my last post. Though taking a sentence to setup a scene, or to describe a relevant item or person someone notices when entering a room is not verbose. Weaving the story and articulating sucks you into the story. If you’re talking about the prologue he adds to the beginning of his books as long winded then I know some would agree. However a few pages at the start of an epic 300k word book does not make it verbose. It sets the scene and brings you right into the story, but I guess you though Tolkien was verbose also since you’re comparing writing style.

    It’s funny that you mention Goodkind, as I painfully read through his sword of truth series years ago. His flat almost transparent characters have very little depth. His world is almost boring as he describes little of the surroundings, cultures, and world in general. I felt like I was reading summary of events, rather then a real story.

    The word verbose is defiantly subjective, I think it’s all personal preference. Some people just want to read summaries of stories and events and some want to live them out play by play for the full rich experiences.

  8. @Komplex: Different styles of writing appeal to different people, its a given. However, because verbose writing won’t be translated into a game, if the cards are dealt right, it could be an awesome game based on story alone that could get me to like the story.

    • avatar Aimee

      Do not post again until you read the rest of the series… or at least two more books… the first book is and was hard to get into… then to get into the second you need determination. It is like pushing a boulder up a hill to the top and it finally barreling down without ever looking back. The fourth book has me wrapped around its finger. Robert Jordan knew this series was going to be long and complex so give it time. Don’t judge something you haven’t even begun to understand. :)

  9. That’s true, lets hope they do it right.

  10. As someone who has read 4-5 books from both Terry Goodkinds’ Sword of Truth series and Robert Jordans’ Wheel of Time series, I would have to say that I can relate to the characters in WoT a lot more than I can to the characters in SoT. To comment on someones earlier criticism of the name ‘Rand al’Thor’, what kind of a name is ‘Richard Cypher’? Or ‘Richard Rahl’ for that matter? ‘Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander’ and a few other names in the series remind me of primary (grade for the Americans) school where you are taught about alliteration.

    Anyway, my point is that picking on another writers works based solely on the names of his characters is pretty silly. There have been books in both series that I’ve read through as quickly as possible because of some drawn-out epically boring parts. I don’t think any writer can escape that sort of page-filling when they’re under contract for a long series of books.

  11. I just want to play as Lan. That is all I require. Make the rest a port of Superman 64 for all I care…just let me play as Lan. Actually…Lan or Thom. Yeah, that’s good.

  12. avatar Mitch

    So excited…this series has so much gaming potential I don’t even know where to start. Rich world lore…mix of magic and arms…diverse races and cultures…awesome item base potential, such as the various angreals, levels of achievement for magic and arms classes. Done right, as so many are praying for, this will be epic.

  13. avatar deak

    i cant wait to play the games as i am a huge fan of the wheels of time and if done right it will blow world of warcraft out the water as a mmorpg with more of a world to explore and lots of different cultures to see :)

  14. avatar t

    This isnt a mmo is it? just a console rpg right? like elder scroll series stuff?

  15. avatar Jerson

    I’m apparently a troiatr to my sex… I laughed… a lot. But then, I know my own bad side. No, don’t worry. I don’t own a knife quite that big. :-) By the way, I loved the “30″ meme. My commenting time has been reduced greatly as of late. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the proposed “post about laughter sometime soon.”

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