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While a few of us (well just one of us) drooled and boasted well on behalf of the PSPgo, the fact is the system is dreamcasting itself (Zing!) at a much faster rate too.  Sales reports have been terrible, game selection is feeble, and the price is too expensive.  I’m no financial executive, but it looks like you have a bad product on your hands.

Sources confirmed with Gamervision, that the PSPgo is going into crisis mode, and will be revamping itself with a price drop and a heavy marketing campaign.  When it’s suppose to occur is still unknown, but with the recent sales figures, consumers are expecting it very quickly.

In the first week of January, the figures show only 4,192 Gos had been sold. In comparison, the PSP sold 105,801 during the first week of the new year.  There is something seriously wrong when an older handheld out sells a less than year old inner-company rival by an outstanding margin.

I applaud Sony’s attempt at a digital distribution only system, but it doesn’t look like audiences are not ready to go that route just yet.  Here’s hoping the PSPgo can pull itself out its slump very quickly.

Update: According to Game Informer, provided by Heads Up, this is nothing more than a shanty rumor.  Whether a rumor or not, maybe it ought to be in Sony’s interest to rehaul the system.  Maybe?

Source: Gamervision, Gamasutra

  1. The PSPGo was a failure from the start. The lack of UMD drive only further nailed the coffin on this piss poor machine. They need to revamp the PSP-3000 to include onboard memory and go with it. This thing sucks and I’ll be glad when it goes the way of BetaMax.

  2. What loser actually wanted a PSPgo? Oh wait a second ……

  3. Thing is, the marketing folk at Sony are probably paid a fortune – why? Noone in their right mind could have expected the Go to sell well. Mind you, I didn’t expect it to sell that badly – maybe they missed a 0…

  4. I have an original PSP and I’ve yet to figure out a reason to buy anything newer. Maybe I’m just crazy, but a slightly smaller one doesn’t really appeal to me and one with no UMD support absolutely does not. The problem with the Go from the start was the lack of UMD support. Who in their right mind would want to repurchase their favorite games just to play them on this thing? It just doesn’t add up.

  5. I have been wanting to grab a PspGo, but its not something I NEED. I’ve been through 5 regular psp’s although I never really played them all that much…if the price drops a substantial amoutn and there is a decent library of games then they might just get me.

  6. I feel like the PspGo is a good idea to some extent. But you’ve all pointed out the huge issues it has, that are really forcing it to fail. I actually considered picking on up at some point, but once I heard about all of the problems brought up here, I was turned off. I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of potential customers.

  7. I just actually picked up a Neo Geo Pocket Color which i will most likely play 10x more than i would a pspgo.

  8. I like the idea of a PSPgo, but my desire to own one was destroyed when they ditched plans to convert UMD games you aleady own to digital games for the system. I’d like to have the bluetooth, smaller form factor, and the slidey screen… but it just costs too much for what it can do.

  9. It’s a shame, because the physical design of the PSPGo just seems so superior to the normal PSP. But, it just seems like such a terrible idea to get one, what with no UMD support.

  10. Sony shouldn’t rush into any drastic measures to conserve their profit margin. As soon as the Go gets hacked its sales will skyrocket. That’s when I’ll consider purchasing one.

  11. @Ferahtsu: I agree with this. This is one of the reasons I don’t on a PSPGo. I currently own two PSP systems, a hacked PSP “Phat”, and a clean PSP Slim. All of the games I own are legit, but I do run homebrew on my PSP.

    In fact, Bookr makes the PSP a great little eBook reader with support for NUMEROUS extensions. It’s the reason I don’t own a Kindle, or anything else for that matter. However, I can understand Sony’s stance against piracy for the less than scrupulous users. They should have an “Indie” portion of the PSN for PSP homebrews which are really great.

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