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We all knew the iPhone adaptation of Plants Vs. Zombies was going to be a huge hit with consumers.  For one thing, almost anything PopCap touches turns to gold (Bejeweled, Peggle).  For another, it’s tough for people not to fall in love with PvZ‘s addictive strategic gameplay.

However, results that arrived yesterday add solid statistical fact to our assumptions.  Plants Vs. Zombies for iPhone is an absolute mobile phenomena.  As of yesterday, February 24th, over 300,000 iPhones have downloaded PopCaps latest release for the Apple device, with the number growing everyday.  Added to the fact that the game is now the fastest selling iPhone release in the first 24 hours of availability, and you have yourself a bonafide success.

These reports of commercial success join the already huge critical reception of the game.  In fact, our very own Sean Carey awarded the game an excellent score for its iPhone debut in his review. Pretty much anyone that has played it walks away just as impressed.  Well, actually, they don’t really ever walk away – they can’t stop playing.  Nonetheless, impressed!

Source: Game Informer

  1. avatar Stacey

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