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A press release from The Pokemon Company has finally been translated by Bulbagarden, and points to another new Pokemon RPG title being planned for 2010.  This would be in addition to Pokemon: SoulSilver and Pokemon: HeartGold, the two remakes of the classic Gold and Silver entries in the series.

According to the press release, the Pokemon team is hard at work on what they are calling an “inventive rebirth” for the series. Accompanying the press release was a blog entry from Junichi Masuda, long time composer and recently appointed director of the Pokemon video games.  That blog entry is shown below, followed by the press release, both in their (now translated) entirety.

Blog Entry

Finally Japan, it has been announced without problems!!

Clap Clap Clap !!!

Though, that’s not someone else’s problem…(*sweats*)

Of course, development is all being done in-house.

Now, Game Freak’s development department are eagerly working on development with the aim to exceed every Pokemon game made before now with innovative software!

By the way, for the purpose of giving more information…
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have indeed really sold 17,150,000 copies around the world (5,800,000 copies domestically in Japan).
(Tokyo’s population is approximately 13,000,000)

With great enthusiasm, we are trying our best to surpass Diamond and Pearl! Everyone, please lend us your support!

Please have great expectations!

On the 7th of February (Sunday), on Pokemon Sunday, Masuda will appear in an emergency video?
Now that you know, please watch
it. You should be able to get some news!


– Junichi Masuda

Press Release

“Pocket Monsters series all new production under development for release by the end of 2010

2010, January 29th.

The latest news from Pokémon Company Managing Director Ishihara Tsunekazum the developers of the Pokémon series Game Freak, and Distributors Nintendo, is that the new work in the series is under development for release on the Nintendo DS by the end of 2010.

Since the first games in the series, Pokémon Red and Green in 1996, the distinctive characteristics of the games around the world has changed, with trading and battling between different versions. Customers around the world have rated the games highly, and around the world over 130,000,000 Pokémon games have been sold.

Pokémon games for Nintendo DS have made use of the two screens, touch screen and Wi-Fi features in their play. The new games, the first completely new work to be released since the release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl 4 years ago, games which have sold 17,150,000 copies (5,800,000 games in Japan), are planned as an inventive rebirth, featuring completely new ways to play and new Pokémon.

Please look forward to game details and news from now until release.”

– The Pokémon Company

So what do you guys think?  Is it possible for a new Pokemon RPG to “exceed every Pokemon game made before now”, or has the series become too repetitive and serialized for your liking?

  1. Was just watching this when your post came up oddly enough:

    It’s Pikachu!

  2. The series has become pretty repetitive, in fact the last Pokemon game I bought was Pearl, and the last one I played seriously was Silver. Obviously, I’m not the biggest fan. However, if they’re shooting this high, and they actually follow through, it could be very interesting to see how it goes down.

    Pokemon used to be good times, and maybe if they reinvent it as they say they will, I can let those good times roll once again.

  3. God, I hope they do a good job with this. I loves me my Pokemonz.

  4. I want pokemon for wii damnit! That’s pathetic.. I’m a grown up and I still want to play this stupid game. Anything similar for wii? Let me know. Or even PC or PS3

  5. The last Pokemon i played was Yellow…. I stopped playing once the limit was kicked up from 151, it stopped being Pokemon for me there.

  6. The last Pokemon game I played was Pokemon Red, the very first one.

  7. @Shawn
    Same, rofl.

    And as Jordan has said, it stopped being Pokemon after all the old school monsters got taken over by the retarded new ones. Original 151 ftw!

  8. If they can reinvent it, I’m in.
    I kinda miss raising my Pokemon =/

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