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In San Francisco, Nintendo blew the world away with its US media summit.  A slew of releases have confirmed dates and will be making their US debuts within the coming months.

Among the titles, the most anticipated releases are Metroid: Other M and Mario Galaxy 2.  Not to mention, the DSi XL will be appearing in US stores very soon.  And who said the Wii is on its way out the door?

Get ready to mark your calendars because this is a long list.

DSi XL – March 28

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – May 23

Monster Hunter Tri – April 20

Dragon Quest IX – summer

Art Style Light Trax – no date

WarioWare DIY – March 28.

Picross 3D – May 3.

Pokemon Heart Gold/ Silver – March 14.

FlingSmash- summer.

Sin & Punishment 2: Star Successor – June 7

Rage of the Gladiator – spring.

Mega Man 10 – March 1.

Max & the Magic Marker – March 8.

Cave Story – March 22

Super Meat Boy – summer

And Yet it Moves – summer

Ghostwire – October

Metal Torrent – spring

X-Scape – spring

Metroid: Other M – June 27

Source: VG247

  1. I’ll get Other M and Galaxy 2. Now that I know Super Meat Boy is on the PC platform, I’ll get it on that.

  2. This is why I wanted to get a Wii. Can’t wait for SMG2, Other M, Sin and Punishment 2, and DQIX.

  3. This is great! The timing on SMG2 is perfect.

  4. Yay new Picross!!! and other M!

    • avatar Elie

      in the article but I kinda of due get why they are so pebrishuls can make more money by say selling map packs and or to increase the replayability of it. Yes, sometimes it feels odd and seems like a last minute afterthought but I’m still okay with it if it is there as an option.Last thing, is I think the future will have plenty of single player games but they’ll have social like things built in such as Nintendo’s Miiverse. Which I think might change the way how we play games that are single player based.

  5. A date for Other M. Most excellent!

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