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It’s time for the information dump all of you Mega Man fans have been waiting for.  Capcom has finally unveiled the official release dates for all the different platform versions of Mega Man 10, as well as a complete description list of the weapon upgrades.

Those of you who still own a Wii will get first dibs at the game when it releases on WiiWare on March 1st.  PS3 owners will get it next on March 11th, leaving Xbox 360 users waiting for when it finally arrives on March 31st.  I’m not sure why the releases are spread so far apart, but it is what it is.  Hit the jump for a complete list of weapon upgrades and descriptions.

Commando Bomb

After launching the Commando Bomb, press up or down on the + Control Pad to make it turn at a 90 degree angle. The blast spreads horizontally (or vertically) and follows the contours of the landscape. This can be used to break through certain walls to get hidden items!

Wheel Cutter

Press the Attack Button once to attach the Wheel Cutter to your arm, and press the Attack Button again to launch it (it follows the contours of the landscape). You can launch it 3 times and it’s effective to attack enemies at a distance. You can attach the Wheel Cutter to your arm and dart at enemies!

Triple Blade

You can fire tri-directional blades and attack multiple enemies at one time. There are two patterns: surface-to-air on the ground, and air-to-surface in mid-jump.

Thunder Wool

You can launch a thunder cloud that slowly rises and a lighting bolt shoots straight down from the cloud.

Solar Blaze

Splits apart and launches firebombs (left and right) after a set period of time. Effective when you are pinned between two enemies.

Chill Spike

Launch a freezing liquid which flies in a parabolic trajectory. An enemy hit by the freezing liquid will freeze and become unable to move.

Rebound Striker

You can throw a rubber super ball straight and diagonally up or down. As it gets faster and stronger with each successive bound, you can build up power and hit the target to inflict maximum damage!

Water Shield

A rotating shield of water surrounds Mega Man. Pressing the Attack Button once more deactivates the water shield and hurls high-speed drops of water that spiral outward.

I think Thunder Wool has to easily be one of the coolest weapon names of all time.  I don’t know about you, but I want to wear a shirt made of thunder wool.  I think that would be totally bad ass!  If anyone pissed me off I could simply use my shirt to create a lighting cloud to strike them down where they stand.

Unfortunately the rest of the weapon names are pretty lame.  Where’s the creativity Capcom?

Source: Destructoid

  1. Rebound Striker sounds like an old Intellivision game

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