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The Limitcast is back, and better than ever. Join myself, Chase Cook, Shawn Evans, and special guest Sean Patrick Carey as we get down and dirty with Mass Effect 2-  but don’t worry, we used protection – totally spoiler free.

We also bounce around some of the latest news, and allow Shawn to vent all his frustrations regarding Dark Void that he wasn’t able to squeeze into his review. Later in the show we invite Chris Carter to join us to discuss No More Heroes 2 – stay tuned.

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Leave your comments below – specifically, how do you feel about this laid back format, as apposed to the topical discussion we’ve been using for the past few weeks?

Also, feel free to share suggestions for future discussions, and stay tuned to Gamer Limit for news regarding an upcoming LIVE recording of the Limitcast.

  1. Who’s Jack? WHY HAVE YOU SPOILED THIS CHARACTER FOR ME?!…Oh, 99.99%. Bastards…

  2. From everything you’re saying of Mass Effect 2, I’m looking to pick this up the first chance I get. Along with that, I’ll be carefully watching Mag. It looks as though it could be promising…but it could also fail, as you suggested. Thanks for the comments, really helps me think about exactly what I want, and helps me gather more information on such games.

  3. I’m aware of an issue with the music coming back in during the 2nd half – will adjust and reupload ASAP.

  4. Another great podcast, guys.

    As for MAG: I have it, am playing it on and off, and really don’t have well formed ideas on what I think yet. As you level up you basically determine what class you will be, and the higher the level you get, the bigger maps you have access to and that’s when you get a chance to lead. I think it would be impossible to lead without a mic. But it’s also hard to do any squad based stuff without a mic.

    It would be too bad if they made you have a mic connected though. I’d much rather use skype to communicate with my clan/squad then the in-game-only chat that the PS3 has. They badly need a party function like the 360.

  5. In regards to Shawn’s Cliffy B story, I have no other words to say but “Living the dream!”

  6. The whole ship and resources part of ME2 is reminds me a bit of Star Control II.

  7. @swallow — HELLS YEAH! STAR CONTROL IS THE BEST PC GAME EVER!!!!!! Whoa. Where did that come from? Did I mention I really liked Star Control II?

  8. 6 minutes in and already some racism. Love it.

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    Would like to see the 7D features with a full frame, GPS and meeaxipgl boost would be a great addition. One of the main features I don’t like about the Mk II is the 3.9 frames a second. I would consider the Mk II if the fps was at least 5 fps. My 20D gets 6 fps and its hard to go back down to 3.9 when you’ve had better fps rate. The video mode is great and a definate nicety, I love the clips I have seen from if it was wasn’t upgraded (even thought it probably will be at least slightly) I would buy it with the aforementioned upgrades.

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