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Today developer NetDevil announced that it is now accepting beta test applications for the upcoming MMO LEGO Universe.

Slated to arrive sometime this year, LEGO Universe throws players into a world populated by LEGO minifigures. Apparently the LEGO Universe is under assault by a dark force called Maelstrom that is destroying imagination. Players will have to work cooperatively to complete quests and vanquish the Maelstrom.

Those looking to register for the beta need to go here and fill out all the forms. There are a limited amount of spots available, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get in. After signing up, the site states, “You have now joined our bravest heroes so be ready to answer the call, you might get chosen to battle.”

As of right now there has been no announcement as to when the beta will start. Personally I’d expect it sooner rather than later, seeing that the full game is slated to arrive sometime this year.

Do you guys think that this game will be successful? I know I’m interested in it. I’ve grown sick of classic MMORPG gameplay and I hope that LEGO Universe will offer me something that I’ve never seen before. Let’s hope that LEGO doesn’t let us down.


  1. I don’t much about the game, so it’s hard to say if it’ll be successful or not, but I definitely like the concept, and since it’s LEGO, it’ll definitely have a wider appeal to a much larger audience. I might have to try to get on the beta.

  2. I’m interested in this, but if it’s anything like the LEGO games that are currently on the market, I won’t be sinking any of my money into it. They’re good for some quick fun but that’s about it for me.

  3. If your in the Lego club, I assume I’m alone on that, you were able to submit custom Lego models to have featured in the game

  4. avatar rtman322

    i want a key so bad ive been waiting for a month now…but i can wait. the custom lego model submition was cool.

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