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Last week, we divulged the news that SEGA was running a contest among its community members. This contest, which tasked members with drawing and submitting 100 pieces of concept art featuring Badniks (the baddies from the Sonic franchise) was backed up with a promise for more information on Project Needlemouse, the next adventure in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

Today, SEGA fulfilled that promise.  16 years ago today, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was released.  It also marked the beginning of the end for Sonic, as many fans and critics alike have decried most entries in the series since.  However, Project Needlemouse promises to take Sonic back to his 2-D roots, and with today’s revelation in the form of two very familiar sights to fans, it looks poised to deliver.

Saluting its viewers with “Happy Hedgehog Day!”, SEGA revealed two pieces of concept art from the project.  Longtime fans of the series will be able to appreciate just how special these pieces are, despite their outwardly simple appearance!

If you aren’t sure where you’ve seen these before, let me refresh your memory.  The sunflower and palm tree pictured above are longtime residents of the Green Hill Zone, probably one of the most iconic Zones in any Sonic title.  Even better, in regards to the sunflower, SEGA’s official blog features this message.

“The Sunflower has long been a defining feature of Sonic’s beginnings ever since it first appeared in the original Sonic The Hedgehog.  Along with the Badniks, it returns in the first zone of Project Needlemouse – and, yes, it actually spins.”

Whoa whoa whoa, stop the presses (or “Publish Article” buttons).  The sunflowers spin?  Can you say awesome?!  You can’t?  Well don’t worry, I just said it for you.  Also, it seems that the palm trees seen in the game are still actively defying gravity, as they hide quite a few helpful hovering power-up boxes behind their leaves.

Other than what’s featured above, SEGA also promises that the reveal of Project Needlemouse‘s real name is coming this Thursday, so stay tuned to Gamer Limit for that announcement as well.

Source: SEGA Blog

  1. Is it wrong that I get giddy from looking plants?

  2. It seems they are really trying to stretch out the info they are giving on this game…

  3. I’m excited to learn more about this game, definitely…concept art is great, but I feel like I want to know more. They probably are trying to stretch it out some more, just to increase the anticipation for it.

    Hopefully it lives up to it…and I’ll definitely be looking for the announcement Thursday.

  4. Apparently, they’re waiting until Thursday to announce the name because they’re waiting on a special bonus surprise that they want to show alongside it.

    My guess? A teaser with a smidgen of gameplay footage, announcing the name. They’re putting the final touches on it, hence the wait.

  5. Am I alone when I say these concept images blew my mind?

  6. The amount of nostalgia and excitement a couple of crude 2D drawings can evoke is ridiculous but brilliant! I’m really looking forward to this title!

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