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Expanding on our news post from yesterday, Ubisoft unveiled the very first teaser trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Since the game is gearing up for a “Holiday 2010″ release, it’s safe to assume that production on the title is well underway.

While it doesn’t show much (do teasers ever?), the above footage is enough to get any Tom Clancy junkie pumped for the future.  And why shouldn’t they be?  Check out the awesome teaser after the jump.

The last game in the series, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 was met with some nice critical and commercial success, and the online community surrounding that and its predecessor, GRAW 1, were and are pretty substantial. With this new game promising even more high-tech weaponry and gadgetry (which apparently include Harry Potter Invisibility Cloaks.  Score!), it’s safe to say that people will pay attention.

The word is that the conflict will be set in the year 2020, with locales spread across the entire globe.  This means a distinct change in scenery for those tired of the South American basis from the last two titles.

  1. Can’t wait to buy this game…so stoked!

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