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When Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood (FL:BoB) made its debut back in August, the game was nothing more than a 10 minute level with multiple difficulties.  While the violent cartoon-style graphics, combined with an in-game evolving soundtrack, were alluring, the game was way too short and simple to warrant a price tag.  But despite it all, payers saw potential in the game.

Fast forward to mid December, Sakari Indie has made good on their promise and has delivered a much needed update.  The game now consists of five additional levels, a secret stage, a bevy of unlockable weapons, and multiple items to accessorize your character.  But with another major update in the near future, including a multiplayer mode, how does the game stack up in comparison to its debut?

Right from the get go players will notice the presentation has a bit more depth.  There’s a leveling system in place that allows users to unlock new weapons and accessories as they gain experience.  Aside from the night vision goggles, the accessories don’t add any perks or benefits to the game.

On the other hand, as your level goes up, you’re allowed to purchase new weapons to decimate your enemies.  The arsenal prior to the update is still available, and there has been a significant increase of new weapons as well, which adds a variety of style to the gameplay.

The drawback is that players are only allowed to carry three weapons into battle: primary, secondary, and special.  In all honesty, it adds more strategic value, and it makes the game a bit more interesting.  For example, my favorite weapons are the Dual Mac10s, the Benelli Shotgun, and the PSG-1 Sniper Rifle.

The combination of each of the weapons provides support for short, mid, and long range attacks. But sometimes when the enemies begins to take over my position, I wish I chose the Minigun or Air Raid to quickly take everyone out.

Graphically, the game still maintains it splendor with its cartoon-style gore.  There’s nothing like seeing a head explode or a body blown apart with a shotgun blast.  On the other hand, since the game is a third person shooter, when our little hero backs into a wall, the player will sometimes lose sight of what’s in front of him/her.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s fairly annoying, especially when a wave of enemies is rushing at you.

Initially, when the game made its debut, one of the most glaring problems with it was its length.  With only one level, the game would last players roughly one hour at the most.  Well, Sakari Indie didn’t hold back and added an additional five levels plus a new bonus stage.

Each of the levels has four difficulties that will reward the player with cash to purchase new weapons and ammunition.  Additionally, the game features an “Endless” mode that will help players level quicker.  All in all, the game will probably last you about five hours to complete everything, which isn’t bad considering the game is $5.

In conclusion, Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood has drastically improved itself with all the additional content.  While users will find this game to be more casual, there are definitely many elements to be enjoyed.  Not to mention, Sakari Indie has been listening to their audience and will be releasing a multiplayer mode within the coming months.

Score: 7/10

  1. $5? Sold! Hilarious header image, too.

  2. If I can convince my tummy not to want a spicy chicken sandwich later today, this game shall be mine.

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