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Resident Evil 5 caused sort of a schism between survival horror and action fans. Although Resident Evil 4already made the fully fledged transition from horror to adventure, a handful of the series’ fans were not happy with the new testosterone-filled, steroid-induced Chris Redfield.

Capcom took some of those criticisms to heart with the new DLC pack Lost in Nightmares. Featuring the mansion from the original game, and more claustrophobic, relaxed gameplay, this new mission will no doubt please a handful of gamers who were disappointed with Resident Evil 5.

First off, this DLC pack is 400 Microsoft Points (or $5 on the PSN), and includes two brand new characters for the mercenaries mode as well as the solo mission Lost in Nightmares. Unfortunately this mission is a stand-alone affair, meaning you can’t bring any of your acquired gear – but the lack of weaponry does add to the tension.

This time around, Chris is joined by his partner Jill (instead of Sheva), with the mission taking place before the events of RE5, seeking to explain what happened on the fateful night Jill went missing. Your journey takes you through the ominous Spencer Mansion, looking for clues, and leafing through diaries to find the last known location of Spencer himself.

Lost in Nightmare‘s first thirty minutes or so (if you take your time) won’t involve any combat – mostly some light crank puzzles and diary reading, which is refreshing, given that it’s completely unlike Resident Evil 5 itself. There are a few nostalgic references to the original game as well, which is the best part; when entering a handful of doors, the game will make a first person transition similar to walking through doors in the original titles, and there are a handful of classic references such as the “Jill Sandwich” room. After doing some digging, you’ll be introduced to a new Executioner enemy, who is actually quite formidable and nerve-racking to fight, given your general lack of ammo.

Although he’s fun to fight in moderation, the new “Worm-cutioner” does make an appearance too often, to the point where you’ll get tired of him near the end of the mission. I don’t want to spoil it, but the end has a pretty fun Wesker boss fight that’s fairly reminiscent of the encounters with him in the main game.

Lost in Nightmarestook me around an hour and a half to complete, but that was on Veteran with a ton of deaths, and with heavy exploration. If you were to rush and not read any of the mission’s myriad diaries, it would probably take anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes. After all is said and done, if you want, you can redo this mission either online, or solo, as you unlock “Jill Mode” after completion, or go for a higher score to top the leaderboards (seeking out all the “score stars” in the mansion).

The second part of this DLC includes both Barry Burton and Excella Gionne as playable characters in Mercenaries. Long time Resident Evil fans will remember Barry very well, seeing as he’s had more than a decade-long absence from the series. He plays like a standard character, but has a handful of very cool melee attacks, most notably the “Barry Sandwich”, and the execution-style attack “Miranda Rights”.

Excella’s melee attacks involve her deadly syringe of serum, and although she’s not as fun as Barry, it’s nice to have another female character on board. Keep in mind that these two characters cannot be used in the original Mercs mode, but in the new “Mercs Reunion” gametype, which features all of the current and upcoming DLC characters. While this may be a dealbreaker for some (the lack of one streamlined mode, and the need to re-unlock all the levels in this different gametype), Mercs Reunion actually features slightly different enemy sets, making it a fairly fresh experience.

All in all, the mission is a bit on the short side, but if you’re either a fan of Mercenaries or the original Resident Evil, odds are you will enjoy this pack for $5.

Gamer Limit gives Lost In Nightmares an 8/10.

  1. $5 ALMOST convinces me to pick this up, just because I want to see Jill again.

  2. avatar REfan

    “Barry Sandwich” FTW!! ..if i only have psstore access

  3. I wasn’t expecting too much out of this, but from the review it sounds pretty cool. I might have to pick this up and hold on to it until a rainy day.

    • avatar Sonia

      Hey man I have a good. Im planning on getntig this and the other one but should I just get the gold edition instead or just these for 800pt? and will I still get the Mercenary reunion if I get it from the marketplace? thanks in advance

  4. avatar randombullseye

    I’m buying it regardless.

    I loved Resident Evil 1-4. I liked 5. So yeah, I’m assuming I’ll like this, but won’t love it. Five bucks for new levels? I’ll pay.

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