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Putting aside the nightmare of actually speaking that title aloud, this is sure to come as a pleasant surprise to anyone who played Real-Time Strategy games in the mid to late 1990s. The first three games in the classic series Command & Conquer have been officially released for free.

While it looks as if this is mostly to drum up interest in the upcoming Command & Conquer 4, due to release next month, there’s certainly no excuse not to wallow in a bit of nostalgia with these genre-defining classics.

The games released are the original Command & Conquer (known now as Tiberian Dawn), the hugely popular direct sequel Tiberian Sun and its expansion pack Firestorm, and Red Alert, the highest scoring game of any Command and Conquer. EA is providing direct download links to each of the games, as well as separate links for the NOD/GDI or Allied/Soviet disks for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert respectively.

You can find the links at the official Command & Conquer website.

  1. The original, and Red Alert 1 were incredible. Only Dune could rival them.

    Everything else in the series was average, in my opinion, and eclipsed by Total Annihilation/Supreme Commander/Starcraft.

  2. I might download the original since these are fairly good games. I only ever owned Tiberian Sun and Firestorm which are actually sitting on my computer desk.

    Also good job putting a picture of the NOD guy (Kane). I really didn’t like GDI.

  3. HAH! I still own the original CD versions of all of these games. I might even have the instruction manuals and original packaging somewhere …

    Damn I’m old!

  4. I wouldn’t bother trying to run anything older then Tiberium Sun on Vista or Windows 7, unless you use XP mode. Even with the compatibility patches and mode, it’s buggy as hell.

  5. avatar Chris Newman

    can i play these on a mac?

  6. I loved Tiberian Sun! Red Alert of course and after those two I lost interesting. C&C is rather blah.

  7. Awesome! These games are timeless in terms of playability, so I can see myself losing many more hours to them!

  8. Same question as Chris, can we do these on a Mac?

  9. @ Chris @Dylan

    PC only fellows. If you’ve got an Intel Mac, Boot Camp a copy of XP.

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