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Those of you who simply can’t wait for God of War 3 to come out on March 16th have two options.  You can either go out and purchase Dante’s Inferno to get your hack and slash, action adventure fix, or you can save your money and watch God of War 3 trailers to hold you over.

If you’re in the latter camp then today is a good day for you.  Sony just released a brand new trailer for the game on Gametrailers TV which shows a ton of never before seen gameplay.  Hit the jump to watch the video and prepare yourselves, because Kratos is in for one hell of a ride.

Did anyone else notice that Kratos launched himself into the air in one scene by attaching himself to a catapulted boulder?  That is one hardcore dude.  You know, the more God of War 3 trailers I watch, the more I get the feeling the demo doesn’t even scratch the surface of the type of gameplay elements that are going to be experienced in this game.

Make sure to check back at Gamer Limit when the game is a released for our official review.  Until then, enjoy drooling over the trailer.

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    I cant wait for Scott The Pilgrim Vs. The World! email me or hit me up on my myspace. I am a HUGE fan of Mary Elizabeth Winstead! I write songs and stioers and Im the vocalist in two bands. Im not very big yet though Haha. My name is Salvador but people call me Sal or Chaos.

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