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Hearing that a new 2D Worms is coming back is probably the best gaming related news I’ve heard in years.  For the majority of you, this probably seems like another title making a reboot, but for me, this is a rush of excitement and memories all of suddenly flooding back to my brain.

Worms Armageddon was the first game I ever played online, and it worked perfectly on my 56k modem.  That’s right, it was before the high speed internet hit the mainstream.  A time when people used their phone jacks and AOL to surf the interweb.

Martyn Brown, studio head of Team 17, announced on his twitter that the worms are coming back.

We are pleased to announce a new edition of 2D Worms for PC! “Worms Reloaded” is coming soon via Steam. Details & features to follow…

Right now, Gamer Limit has no other details about the game, but we’re excited to see it coming back to the PC.

Source: Twitter / Martyn Brown

  1. Sweet! I can’t wait. I’ve always loved the Worms games.

  2. Sweet. Another game to unleash the hell that is the concrete donkey!

  3. avatar Marr

    By “Brand spankin new”, do you in fact mean “older than many of our readers”? Still, it’s impressive that Team 17 manage to employ most of a hundred people just to endlessly re-release a single sixteen year old game. That license must be the best money ever spent in this industry’s history.

    • avatar Vaht

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  4. Oh now that’s just awesome.

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