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After a roughly fifteen year hiatus from new releases, website RetroZone has just released a new NES cartridge.  That’s right – not Virtual Console, and not a port – a brand new game on a decades-old system.  I think this one-ups the new Dreamcast game that came out late last year…

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril is a brand new game that you can buy now, including the game, instructions, and one of those sweet black dust sleeves, for only $30.  It’s region-free and will work on most any NES or clone (like the RetroDuo), but…  it sold out immediately.

The description, from the Battle Kid website:

Inspired from I Wanna Be The Guy along with other classic platforming games, Sivak Games proudly presents Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril, the newest platformer game to grace the NES in almost 15 years.
After having uncovered a plot to build a Supermech, you head to an ancient high-tech fortress in an effort to prevent this weapon from being completed.
You must navigate through the various sectors of the fortress, while battling its denizens and avoiding its many dangers.
Along the way, you will uncover items that will allow progress to new locations of the fortress and grant you new abilities.
Over 550 rooms, more than 30 enemy types, and 8 bosses stand between you and victory.
Also featured are 5 difficulty settings and a password system.
Much more than a reproduction, this original game cartridge is built using all new parts. No donor carts were harmed in the making of this game.

Sounds a bit like Metroid… although the “No donor carts were harmed” disclaimer is appreciated for a retro purist like me.  Don’t kill old games just because they’re past their prime!

Also: yay, screenshots!

Source: RetroZone

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    Fantastic game. Thank You!

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